Sign up to Participate in the 2019 Sale

Unit Popcorn Kernels need to register the pack, troop, crew or post to participate in the 2019 sale and receive communication from the Northern Lights Council.

  • Units that had more than $5,000 in 2018 and sign up by June 23 will receive a free square credit reader.
  • Units that sold $10,000+ in 2018 and sign up by June 23 will receive five free square credit card readers for every $10,000 sold
  • All units that sign up by the end of June will be including in a drawing for a special prize from the council.

Units Can Get Free Banners!

Units that sold $5,000 in 2018 can get 1 free banner. Units that sold $10,000 can get 2 free banners.

  • Sign up for the 2019 sale by June 23
  • Agree to use the Trail's End app in 2019
  • Join the Trail's End Facebook page (click on the icon below)

Next Up


June 17 - Trail's End App Available

If your unit will be using the Trail's End app for Scouts (point of sale system) or the Leader Portal (for sales management), we encourage you to take some time to become familiar with the features by doing some training.


June 27 - Budget Planning Webinar

A webinar will held on Thursday, June 27 from 6:30 - 7:30 pm (central) explaining how to use the budget template discussed during the Key Leader Briefing's. This is an optional webinar for people not experienced in using excel or for those that have questions about using the template.

To participate in the webinar, you must register in advance. After you are registered you will receive connection information and reminder emails prior to the meeting. 

Templates available for:

Cub Scout Packs

Scouts BSA Troops

Venturing Crews

Explorer Posts

August - Popcorn Academy for Scouts

In August, each of the districts will be conducting a Popcorn Academy for Scouts. The purpose of the academy is to have FUN and learn sales techniques and safety rules for participating in the annual popcorn sale. Scouts will also be eligible to win DOOR PRIZES! Units that have at least 30% of their Scouts participate in an academy will receive an extra 2% commission on their sales (excluding online sales).

As soon as locations are confirmed, registration links will be opened. Scouts must register in advance to attend.

Popcorn Academy Schedule:

Thursday, August 8 - location to be announced in Lake Agassiz District

Thursday, August 8 - Astoria Baseball Field in Dickinson

Tuesday, August 13 - Faith Lutheran Church in Bismarck

Tuesday, August 13 - Williston Recreation Center and Water Park

Thursday, August 15 - location to be announced in Oxcart Trails District

Thursday, August 15 - location to be announced in Northern Sky District

Thursday, August 15 - location to be announced in Tomahawk District

Tuesday, August 20 - location to be announced in Lakes District

Trail's End App for Scouts (point of sale system)

Mobile app for Scouts to track and report real-time storefront, wagon and online sales, accept cash and credit cards, track inventory by Scout and storefront, and schedule Scouts for storefronts.

Benefits for units:

  • Automatically communicates and tracks sales for Scout Rewards
  • No credit card fees (paid by TE) – powered by Square.
  • Compatible with your Square readers
  • Trail’s End will provide and pay for following Square readers:
    • Units that sold $5,000 in 2018 – 1 reader.
    • Units that sold $10,000 in 2018 – 5 readers.
    • Units that more than $10,000 in 2018 - 5 readers for each $10k increment.

Benefits for Scouts:

  • Every Scout can do credit card sales (20% higher vs cash).
  • PATCH INCENTIVE for Scouts when they record first sale.
  • One Square reader for every Scout who sold $3,500+ in 2018.



Is there a right way for Scouts to sell popcorn?  Watch the video for tips!  

Top Seller Tips


Budget Planning Templates

Pack Budget

Pack Budgets (alternate versions)

Troop Budget

Crew Budget

Post Budget

Key Dates for 2019 Sale



Key Leader Briefings

Units were able to earn an extra 2% commission by participating in one of the briefings on June 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11 & 13. To qualify for the 2% extra commission at least two (2) leaders from the unit must have attended - the Unit Popcorn Kernel (coordinator) and either the Committee Chair, Cubmaster or Scoutmaster.

Items discussed during the Key Leader Briefings:

  • New product lineup
  • Potential for units to earn up to 33% commission
  • Availability of smart phone app to take orders and collect credit card payments
  • Earlier start date to the sale
  • Popcorn Academy for Scouts in each district
  • New prize program
  • Best Methods to help increase your sale


  1 Unit Sign up Deadline (to be entered in a Scout Shop gift card drawing)



1 Take Order form & prize sheets received by families Mailed from the council
1 Popcorn Sale Begins Take Orders Only
7 Initial unit orders due to the council By 1:00 pm
8-20 Popcorn Academies for Scouts (9 locations)

Must have 30% of registered Scouts attend to receive +2% commission

These are not the trainings that have been held in August in the past - those will be the Key Leader Briefings in June

22-23 Popcorn distribution to units (9 locations) By appointment with District Popcorn Kernel



25 Popcorn Sale Ends  
30 Show-n-Sale payments & Final popcorn order due By 7:00 pm



14-15 Popcorn distributed to units (9 locations) By appointment with District Popcorn Kernel



13 Final payment and incentive forms due



# District Date(s) Location Address
1 Flickertail     Jamestown
3 Oxcart Trails     Fergus Falls
4 Lakes     Alexandria
5 Northern Sky     Fargo
8w Lake Agassiz west     Grand Forks
8e Lake Agassiz east     Thief River Falls
10 Roughrider     Dickinson
11 Tomahawk     Minot
13 Frontier Trails     Bismarck
14 Great Plains     Williston


As pick-up sites are confirmed, the chart above will be updated. Please contact your District Popcorn Kernel (see list below) to arranged a time to pick up the popcorn.


When Picking Up Popcorn:

  • Make sure your vehicle is large enough to transport the popcorn safely
  • Have one or two people with you to help load the popcorn in your vehicle
  • Count each case of product as it is loaded in your vehicle
  • When you sign the receipt - you are stating that the quantities listed on the receipt is the exact quantities you received


# District District Kernel Phone
1 Flickertail Jessica Hemminger  (701) 252-5050
3 Oxcart Trails Ben Smith  (218) 791-7353
4 Lakes Carrie Braaten  (320) 35-1436
5 Northern Sky Sandy Meyer  (218) 230-4737
8 Lake Agassiz Jasmine Hurley  (218) 791-3218
10 Roughrider Michelle Schock  (701) 590-4374
11 Tomahawk Scott Beede  (701) 509-4481
13 Frontier Trails Justine Meidinger  (701) 220-2270
14 Great Plains Torrie Vader  (701) 770-8566



For technical assistance or general sale questions Darin Steindl  (218) 979-4653
For assistance with paperwork or general sale questions Terri Schultz  (701) 499-0649


2018 Top Popcorn Sellers (Council)

Talon H. ($9,520),Pack 4032 Roughrider District

Benjamin A. ($9,470), Troop 213 Northern Sky District

Ryker H. ($8,210), Pack 4032 Roughrider District

Carson J. ($8, 030), Pack 4032 Roughrider District

Marcus R. ($7,770), Pack 4153 Frontier Trails District   

Nathan B. ($7,450), Pack 3644 Northern Sky District

Lukas E. ($7,055), Pack 4032 Roughrider District

Noah E. ($7,055), Pack 4032 Roughrider District

Dominique H. ($7,050), Pack 4332 Roughrider District

Wyatt S. ($6,250), Pack 4032 Roughrider District

2018 Top Popcorn Sellers (District)

Flickertail (D1) - Matthew H. - Pack 3562 - $5,945

Oxcart Trails (D3) - Wyatt H. - Pack 3309 - $3,185

Lakes (D4) - Carson A. - Pack 3485 - $2,755

Northern Sky (D5) - Andrew O. - Pack 3233 - $5,665

Lake Agassiz (D8 w) - Taylor L. - Pack 3162 - $5,520

Lake Agassiz (D8 e) - Aibrey A. -  Pack 3059 - $2500

Roughrider (D10) - Tolga K. - Pack 4112 - $6,009

Tomahawk (D11) - Colten H. - Pack 4412 - $3,040

Frontier Trails (D13) - Kayden R. - Pack 4150 - $7,473

Great Plains (D14) - Gage E. - Pack 4378 - $5,550

Lone Scouts - Zoey B. - $6,155

2018 Top Unit Sales

Pack 4032, Roughrider (D10), $102,905

Pack 4153, Frontier Trails (D13), $43,000

Pack 4028, Roughrider (D10), $36,375

Pack 3644, Northern Sky (D5), $35,030

Pack 4112, Roughrider (D10), $33,995  

Pack 4026, Roughrider (D10), $32,380

Pack 3225, Roughrider (D10), $31,150

Pack 3013, Lake Agassiz (D8), $30,110

Pack 4150, Frontier Trails (D13), $29,800

Pack 4368, Great Plains (D14), $27,580

2018 Top District Sales

Northern Sky (D5), $632,858

Frontier Trails (D13), $304,035

Lake Agassiz (D8), $271,706

Roughrider (D10), $260,450

Tomahawk (D11), $151,176 

Oxcart Trails (D3), $145,196

Great Plains (D14), $140,225

Lakes (D4), $93,140

Flickertail (D1), $84,727

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