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Consider the great investment opportunities: gold, real estate, stocks and bonds, and the Boy Scouts of America. Yes, Scouting! Other investments lose their luster and value over time. But the worth of the Boy Scouts never declines. It is an investment that always appreciates and always pays dividends because investing in Scouting changes the world.

One of the strengths of Scouting is the way that many people pull together to coordinate wonderful events and activities for the youth in our programs. In the Northern Lights Council, we have thousands of volunteers who donate their time and energies to make sure our members receive the best program and support available. 

The dollars we raise locally go to directly support the youth and adults of the Northern Lights Council. We are committed to raising funds to ensure that the Scouting program can continue to grow with a quality Scouting program that youth deserve. 

The youth of today are America’s future leaders. You can help shape that future by investing in Scouting today. Explore the many ways below you can make a difference for the youth of the Northern Lights Council. 

Ways to Invest in Scouting

  • Endowment Campaign - ensure the future of Scouting and the Northern Lights Council
  • Friends of Scouting - provide annual support of our programs
  • Popcorn Sale - help Scouts earn money for their activities and support the Northern Lights Council.  Buy Trails End Popcorn from a Scout
  • Volunteer - invest your time in the life of a child

For more information on how you can help contact the Center for Scouting toll-free at (877) 293-5011.


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