The spring sale is held to help Scouts earn money to help pay for Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, Boy Scout Summer Camp, and High Adventure trips.  Jack Links has improved their packaging to include the iconic Scout brand and a variety of products sure to please anyone. Remember, Scouts are not selling Jack Links, they are asking the community to invest in their development – Jack Links snacks are a delicious “Thank You” for helping your Scouts earn their way to camp! Download the Spring Product Sales Guide.


  • NEW – RETURN POLICY! The Northern Lights Council will be able to accept returned product up to 10% of a unit’s total order. Order the quantity that you know your unit will be able to sell. Plan ahead and check with your District Executive and find out how much you ordered and sold last year.
  • NEW – PACKAGING!! The Jack Links product will be packaged with the BSA brand and each box will contain 5 items: (1) 1.25 oz. Original Beef Jerky, (1) 1 oz. Original Tender Bites, (1) 1 oz. Teriyaki Tender Bites and (2) 0.5 oz. Original Beef Sticks.Each box is the approximate size of a Scout handbook and will feature the BSA logo!
  • NEW – PRICING!!! Each Jack Links box will retail for $15 earning a $5 commission for each box sold! Each case contains 8 boxes for a $40 commission for each case sold!


The sale starts with the March Roundtable and ends with the May Roundtable.

  • Product orders are due February 18 for the March Roundtable
  • Product orders are due March 18 for the April Roundtables
  • Up to 10% of product may be returned, returns are due at the May Roundtable
  • Product must be paid for by May 15


Download Product Sales Order Form (fillable pdf)



  • Districts will distribute the product during March and April Roundtables. Check with your district for the exact location and time for your distribution. 
  • Each unit needs to let your District Sasquatch (product chair) know how many cases of Beef Snacks.  
  • Product orders are due February 18 for the March Roundtable and March 18 for the April Roundtable. 

Following the March and April Roundtables, there may be more product available to units. Any extra product would be on a first come first serve basis. Additional orders may be made, allow two weeks lead time.  Orders are due on Monday and will arrive the FOLLOWING WEEK on Friday.


  1. Recruit a Unit Sasquatch (Spring Product Sale Chair) to oversee your sale
  2. Educate the parents on the direct benefits to them – i.e. Scout sells X cases and earns their way to camp. Explain why this is such an important fundraiser, state goal, uses, explain the prize program, achievements that can be earned, etc. Show how easy it is to sell at least 1 case of Jack Links Beef Snacks.
  3. Have a big kick-off for the Scouts to get all materials and product and get everyone excited to sell! 
  4. Have a unit “Blitz Day” where every Scout in the Unit goes out selling and whoever sells the most gets a prize.
  5. The more people you ask - the more you will sell.
  6. Set-up a table at a local business to help the Scouts sell product.
  7. Not every house will buy so do not become discouraged.


This sale is intended to help Scouts earn their way towards camp. In addition, a portion of every sale goes to support your Scouting program by:

  • Free training for adult leaders, so Scouts have the very best leadership possible. 
  • Programs and facilities at Camps Wilderness, Heart Butte, Big 4, and Brantner.
  • Support for you at your fingertips on our council website.
  • Council service centers and staff available to directly help unit leaders and parents of Scouts.
  • New member recruiting.
  • 67% of this sale stays in your local community.
  • And much more!

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