50th Anniversary of the Northern Lights Council

The year 2024 marks the 50th Year of the Northern Lights Council

Remembering the 4 council that were merged in 1974 to become the Northern Lights Council…

In August 1973 a plan was presented called “The Old 4 for a New 1” which gave a roadmap for the merger of the 4 Councils to 1.   


Since 1974 the Northern Lights Council has achieved many great things, we have survived, and flourished as a council.


Learn more about the Northern Lights Council by checking out the History Project by visiting https://nlcbsa.org/history/

We have some Questions:

  • How should we celebrate the 50th?
  • What are your top 10 Scouting moments?
  • How has Northern Lights impacted you?
  • Where should the NLC go next?
  • Who in your area represented NLC best?
  • Share your NLC story?

Contact the History Center or email the northernlightsalumni@gmail.com  with your answers