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This page will be updated monthly with information that was discussed at the last Roundtable.


Roundtable is held the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm, except for June and July. The Roundtable is held at Augustana Lutheran Church, 308 E Douglas Ave in Fergus Falls, MN. 


June and July Roundtable 

We will NOT have roundtable in June or July, but look forward to seeing you all in August for our Fall Recruitment Training! To find out more information about Fall Recruitment training and to register, go here

May Roundtable - Life to Eagle May 2, 2019 

Ivan Maas, the District Life to Eagle coordinator was on hand  to offer a Life to Eagle workshop for those scouts First class to Life as many Eagle Projects take place during the summer. the information that was discussed can be found here if you have any questions or concerns if you missed it! The District offers Eagle Scout Project approval as well as Eagle Boards of Review the first Thursday of Every month at Augustana Lutheran church at 7pm. To schedule an Eagle Board of review, please contact Ivan Maas at (701) 899- 1087. 

April Roundtable - Program Planning April 4, 2019 Augustana Church

April Roundtable was all about getting ready for the Scouting year for 2019-2020! Unit program planning is an annual process where a unit invites Scouts and families to have input in the program and activities of the unit.  It is also the process of selecting great activities, developing an annual unit calendar and an annual unit budget. This is some great information you will be able to use to help your units plan your calendar! Make sure to have your calendars to either Lindsay Aune or your unit commissioner by May 31, 2019. If you missed the chance to come to this Program Planning fair, please be sure to get in touch with Lindsay Aune or your Unit Commissioner to receive your free Program Planning Calendar for 2019-2020! 

Pack Budget Form: Utilizing this form for your pack can help make sure that everyone in your pack can have an ideal year of Scouting, which includes Summer Camp, Day Camp and the National Summertime Pack Award. 

National Summertime Pack Award: Bryan on Scouting has an excellent blog post on how to earn the National Pack award, and provides some excellent resources on how to do so. Here is another great resource on the fun things your Scouts in your pack can do to earn this fun award!

Troop Budget Form: Troops can budget as well, and the Scouts should be involved in this process.

Program Planning: The council has a great resource page on all of these documents, and some other really great ideas on how to help your unit with program planning.

Spring Camporee: Mark DeMartelaere was on hand to discuss the Arrow of Light crossover event and Spring camporee that will be happening the weekend of May 3-5, 2019, Rain, Shine or Snow! Here are some of the items he handed out to help your troop better prepare for that event! To register for the weekend, click here

Spring Camporee Flyer

Dayton Hollow Map

Spring Camporee Schedule of Events

Fall Camporee: Ryan Hansen let Troops know about the Fall Camporee, which will be taking place in conjuncture with Lakes District, the weekend of September 20-22, 2019. For more information, visit the registration page, which will be updated with more information. 

Religious Emblems: Evan Schroeder was able to come down and discuss religious emblems, and how they can help Scouts in packs and troops fulfill their Duty to God. Scouting.org has a great resource on how to get started on earning these emblems, and any other questions you may have about them. 

March 2019 Roundtable

March Roundtable  was all about technology. Amee Wittbrodt from Elbow Lake Troop 318 showed everyone how she utilizes Scoutbook for the troop. There are so many amazing opportunities with advancement, messaging, event planning, and more that are included in Scoutbook. Plus, it is free for all units to use! (Just remember that if you are signing into Scoutbook and you already have a my.scouting.org account from a previous training, use your my.scouting.org log in for Scoutbook.)

We then talked about Internet Advancement, which will be phased out soon. Unit Service Hours were next, and making sure that service hours were entered as soon as they possibly could be. This is a great opportunity to engage new parents in the unit who can help out with the paperwork, such as Advancements and Unit Service Hours. If you have questions about Unit Service Hours, please reach out to your Unit Commissioner, Mike Guck, or Lindsay Aune.

February 2019 Roundtable

The February Roundtable was the district's annual Recognition Banquet at Grace United Methodist Church in Fergus Falls.

January 2019 Roundtable

January Roundtable featured information on Blue &  Gold Banquet and why we celebrate them in February.

December 2018 Roundtable

December Roundtable was focused on Derby's! Everyone is familiar with the traditional Pinewood Derby, where Cub Scouts get to craft a race car from a kit that looks like this: 

and turn it into an awesome race car like these! 

We have other kinds of Derby's as well! 

  • Space Derby
  • Raingutter (Derby) Regatta

Jessica Gibble, Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, talked with our Cub Scout leaders, Den Leaders and parents about how to host these events, and make them fun for the Scouts! Here is some of the information that was handed out about Pinewood Derby's that can be helpful to your pack! 

Steps to a Successful Pinewood Derby

What is a Pinewood Derby

We also discussed Charter Renewal for those who had questions, needed help or wanted to get the whole thing completed at once! For more information on charter renewal or for the online process, click here

November 2018 Roundtable

November Roundtable was about transitions. Whether it be Webelos to Scout Transition or Life to Eagle, we focused on transitioning from one stage in Scouting to the next. Jessica Gibble and Mark Sundberg were on hand to discuss the Cub Scout side of the Webelos to Scout Transition. The information that was distributed regarding Webelos to Scout transition can be found here!

Doug Hansen, District Training Chair, taught a course to our Star to Life Scouts in the District on Life to Eagle. From earning all the required Merit Badges, the selection and approval of the Eagle Scout project, and everything in between. You can always find the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook here.  

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