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Annual Open House at Camp Wilderness

  • Friday of every year during Reunion Week (which ever week the 4th of July lands)
  • Open invitation to families of the camp staff to see camp

Reunion Week at Camp Wilderness

  • 4th of July (which ever week the 4th of July lands)
  • Chance to enjoy the weekend (Or the full week!) of summer camp
  • Must have completed Physical Form if staying overnight & current BSA Membership
  • Must follow all camp rules

Fall Fellowship

  • Fellowship, Winterizing Camp, Small Projects, and Camp Master Training

Christmas Party (Staff and Association)

  • Fellowship and fun at Zorbaz and Camp Wilderness

Welcoming Staff / Staff Week   (previously called Spring Gathering)

  • Welcome Staff to Camp and Fellowship

Local Socials — Fellowship and Food

  • Fargo Social — First Tuesday of each month at a local restaurant from 7-9 pm (check our Facebook page for this month’s location)
  • Grand Forks — Check Facebook for the next event
  • Duluth — Check Facebook for the next event

Camp Reunions — Celebrating the Camp’s Anniversary for Metigoshe, Wabaunaquat, Heart Butte, Big 4, and Camp Wilderness.

Announcing Newly Elected Association Officer and Board Member

Congratulations to Wayne Stephens for being elected as Executive Secretary.  Andrew Fugleberg as President and Lane Schirado as past President.  Dave Pederson was re-elected to the Board of Directors.

Find Activities:

Additional Activities that an individual or group can do at Camp Wilderness that are Above and Beyond the Camp Program.

Share Activities that you have done

Help share your activities that can be done while at Camp.   These activities should be above and beyond the current camp program offered at Camp Wilderness.   For examples visit


Include your Unit’s History and Stories in the Camp Wilderness History Project 

Provide as much information as you would like.  Can be simple or elaborate.  Include pictures and documents.  

Once we start your page on the History Project we will send you a link that will give you access to change and add more content in the future.   

Starting page for the Unit Histories & Stories.

For more information or contact the History Project

The 1st Tuesday of each month...

Friends of Camp Wilderness and Scouting gather at a local restaurant to reminisce and have a great conversation.

Stop by and check it out! Open to anyone. Stop in for a bit or for the whole night. We usually start earlier and often run longer. 

The idea for local Scouters (and non-Scouters) with a with a common bond of Camp coming together and having a good time. Spread the word as everyone is invited

Help us by updating our information, have a photo, assist  with missing/incorrect information.   Thanks

  • Camp Wilderness
  • Butler Wilderness Outpost
  • Metigoshe Scout Reservation
  • Heart Butte Scout Reservation
  • Camp Wabauanquat
  • Camp Shawondassee


Help Needed

We are always accepting items that are Scouting related that we can resell to Scouts and Scouters during the Alumni Reunion Week at Camp Wilderness.  

Drop off at any Council Office with instructions that the items are for the History Center. 

Please, include the “Donation Form” available by using the button below.  Write on the form that the items are intended for the Rummage Sale. 

 Thank You 

For Sale

  • Scouting Memorabilia
  • Items not related to Camp Wilderness
  • Mug, patches, etc…
  • Scout Uniforms
  • Gently used camping gear
  • many other things… 

We’re officially one year away from the National Jamboree! 

If your Scout wants to attend the big event, but you’re hesitant on the price tag, the BSA offers scholarships that could cover any requested amount up to the full national fee of $1,285.

The BSA wants to ensure that every eligible Scout who wants to attend the Jamboree can do so — regardless of financial background. Scouts are encouraged to fundraise as much as they can to cover fees, travel expenses and other costs. Councils can provide scholarships to Scouts who need them, and some national money is available to supplement those scholarships.

Full scholarships will only be given in the most extraordinary cases; most scholarships will total less than half the national fee. Scholarships are only available for youth participants or unit leaders up to age 33. Jamboree staff members are not eligible for a scholarship; all staff members ages 16-33 receive a reduced fee.

The initial deadline to apply is July 31, 2022, with those applicants being notified if they’ve been approved by mid-September. A second scholarship deadline will be Dec. 31, 2022, with those applicants being notified by mid-February. To be considered, you will need to submit an online application and be approved by your council to attend by July 31 (for first-round applicants) or Dec. 31 (for second-round applicants). Check here for full eligibility requirements and steps on the application process.


Article from Scouting Magazine