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To learn more about working with the Boy Scouts of America as an executive, visit the National employment page on the Boy Scouts of America’s website at www.scouting.org.

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Application form & resume should be emailed to Rob Gilkerson, Director of Field Service.

 NamePositionEmailOffice PhoneMobile Phone
McCartney, RichScout Executive/CEOSend email(701) 499-0640(701) 552-1822
Gilkerson, RobDirector of Field ServiceSend email(701) 223-7204 ext. 2(701) 557-3920
Musgrave, DaleDirector of DevelopmentSend email(701) 499-0647(701) 210-1360
Hendrickx, MissyCamping DirectorSend email(218) 252-8706
Huether, ThomasField Director (East Districts)Send email(406) 780-0690
Borden, CarletonDistrict Executive (Tomahawk)Send email(701) 223-7204 ext. 11(701) 566-0231
Grover, ShaunSenior District Executive (Northern Sky)Send email(701) 499-0658(701) 941-0733
Hansen, RyanDistrict Executive (Northern Sky)Send email(701) 499-0659(218) 770-7505
LaFave, AudreyUnit Serving Executive (Great Plains)Send email(906) 291-0920
Maloney, PaulDistrict Executive (Frontier Trails)Send email(701) 223-7204 ext. 3(701) 220-7959
Schirado, LaneDistrict Executive (Lake Agassiz)Send email(701) 552-0379
Thomson, BrendaDistrict Executive (Prairie Fire)Send email(320) 760-5605
Himmelspach, AmberProgram & Camping AssistantSend email(701) 223-7204 ext. 1
Kietzman, AndyCamp RangerSend email(218) 732-4674 ext. 100(218) 850-3139
Kotta, JudyFinance AssistantSend email(701) 499-0648
Peloubet, CathyAdvancement & Training AssistantSend email(701) 499-0652
Stenerson, LisaRegistrar & Membership AssistantSend email(701) 499-0653
Utke, DarrellAccounting SpecialistSend email(701) 499-0651