Medora Service Project

Volunteer Service in Medora

We are partnering with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF) again for the 2024 season. The TRMF will host troops and crews over 16 sessions from June 5 through July 31. The Scouts will provide volunteer service each day involving flag raising and lowering ceremonies and participating in other community service projects as needed.


Troops of 10 Scouts and 2 leaders for each session will be the guests of the TRMF. Each additional Scout over and above the initial 10 Scouts, will be charged $32.00 + tax each, and additional adult leaders will be charged $50.00 + tax each. All additional scouts and leaders should be registered in advance. However, tickets will be picked up and paid for when you check in to Medora.


Each troop should have a minimum of 6 Scouts when attending!


TRMF will provide a campsite at the Medora Campground, Mini Golf coupon, swimming at the Elkhorn Quarters Pool and tickets to the Pitchfork Fondue and the Medora Musical. Other attractions and meals will be the responsibility of the troop. 

After your troop gets back from Medora, please email a roster of the participants to Ryan Hansen.
2024 Schedule