Camping and outdoor programs have been at the heart of Scouting for more than 100 years.  The Northern Lights Council is committed to providing excellent outdoor programs for youth of all ages at our unique council properties.

We offer year-round outdoor programs to help youth challenge themselves and grow into leaders.  Our programs use the natural surroundings to contribute to the physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth of youth.

For more information on the council camping operations, contact Missy Hendrickx Camping Director by email or by phone at (218) 252-8706.

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Camp Registration Help

Did you know you can enable parents to fill in details, make payments, and even signup for classes as part of camp registration? This makes registration easy and simple for leaders. Look for the parent portal guide for parents to help them.

Check out this video and share it with parents.

Council Camping & Outdoor Program Committee
Ryan Foley (Chair)(701) 833-3633
Joel Hektner (701) 212-5526
Susan Pfau(218) 390-8275
Ron Elliot(701) 740-8269
Richard Stradling(701) 290-8634
Gordy Herman
Craig Metcalf(701) 774-8463
Chad Swenson(701) 388-2494
Ron Schneider(218) 236-5072
Jim Porter
Steve Shark(701) 235-1772
Paul Dosch(701) 781-4994
Richard Martin(701) 261-6183
Ashley Everson(218) 329-8467
Paul Anderson(701) 730-6803
Jim Blotsky (Council VP of Program)(701) 298-1700
Missy Hendrickx (Staff Advisor)(218) 252-8706
Resources for Council Camping & Outdoor Program Committee

Camping and Outdoor Program Committee Guide

NCAP Standards for 2021