National Jamboree July 19-28, 2023

Join us for the Scouting adventure of a lifetime!

On September 29th the Boy Scouts of America announced that the next National Scout Jamboree will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia July 19-28, 2023.  More than just a gathering of Scouts, the Jamboree will provide High Adventure programming, a chance to meet Scouts from around the country, and so much more.  Many of you have waited years for the opportunity to attend a Jamboree, and we are excited to offer a local contingent that will help you reach this Scouting milestone.  We hope that you will consider joining with us as we plan and take part in a memorable Scouting adventure!

Due to the recent announcement of the Jamboree dates, we will wait until further event details are published prior to outlining contingent costs and a registration timeline.  Check out the next steps listed below in order to stay in the loop on Jamboree and contingent developments.

Next Steps for Parents and Interested Leaders

  • To stay in the loop with Jamboree and local contingent developments, please consider joining our mailing list by filling out the form on the website. 
  • Based on experience, we strongly encourage that parents and Scouts explore fundraising options to help fund participation in the Jamboree. 
  • A process will be published at a later date outlining the leadership selection process for the units that will make-up our contingent to the Jamboree.  Please sign-up for the mailing list, and indicate your interest to serve as a leader to receive more information.

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