Serving the North Dakota counties of McLean, Sheridan, Oliver, Morton, Grant, Sioux, Burleigh, Emmons, Kidder, Logan and McIntosh.  Also serving Corson county in South Dakota.





District 13 Leadership

District Chairman Kelvin Hullet  
District Vice-Chairman Alan Dohrmann  
District Commissioner    
District Executive Paul Maloney (701) 220-7959 cell
Asst. Director of Field Service Rob Gilkerson (701) 223-7204 ext. 2


Capital Credit Union Scout Center
33202 Hamilton Street #1, Bismarck, ND  58503-1192
Phone:  701-223-7204     Fax:  701-223-7205     Email:

Office/Store Hours
Mon., Wed., Thur., Fri. - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Tuesday - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm



Fall Recruitment

School has started and so has recruitment season! Do you know what your Pack and Troop plan is to share Scouting with more Youth this year? Frontier Trails District Membership team is here to help you make recruitment a success. Lets go share Scouting!  Get resources online at:

Membership Growth Incentive

As you may recall we set out an incentive to help units that achieve membership growth. I would like to give a quick update as to where we sit. We have 15 units that have achieved growth and will receive free pinewood derby cars for packs or Free Merit Badge Books for troops:

Congratulations to these units that have 5 or more members than the end of 2018 last year:

Pack 4097 - Great Job at reach more youth at Mhyre!
Pack 4100 - Cubmaster Levi Andrist and Committee Chair Shawn Grinolds!
Troop 1011 - Scoutmaster Michael Kobs and all parents!
Troop 1054G - A new girl troop in 2019!
Troop 1073 - Scoutmaster Kory Fried and all parents!
Troop  1139 - Scoutmaster Miles Hansen and all parents!
Troop 1425 - A new boy troop in 2019!
Troop 5425 - A new girl troop in 2019!

These units are close to achieving +5 growth:

Pack 4029 - 4 more youth
Pack 4053 - 2 more youth
Pack 4117 - 2 more youth
Troop 1006 - 1 more youth
Troop 1009 - 2 more youth
Troop 1029 - 3 more youth

If you would like to work on getting the free pinewood derby cars or merit badge books please contact Rob Gilkerson. We are more than happy to help.

All apps must be in and posted by November 15 to qualify.

Exploring – A program of the BSA

When Scouting programs are mentioned most, if not all, think of Boy Scouts, Venturing, or Cub Scouts. There is another program offered through the BSA for youth ages 14 to 21 with a career-based approach. Explorer Posts are chartered by businesses or organizations within our communities that offer specific educational elements. Mandan Police Post #2853 is currently the only Explorer Post in Frontier Trails, but other opportunities are being explored for future.

If you have an idea for a Post, are interested in learning more about the Mandan Police Post, or would like to volunteer in an Exploring program contact Marie at the Bismarck Scout Office.

Update your BeAScout pin today, so future Scouting families can find your Units

BeAScout.Org is a powerful tool to help parents find your unit. But, it only works if they are able to get the right information about your Unit.  First impressions are everything, so it is important to keep your BeAScout pin up-to date. Find out how to update your BeAScout pin.


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