Camp Wilderness History Project & Online Trail

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Developed and Supported by the Northern Lights Alumni Association

Use the links below to explore Camp Wilderness, the Councils, the Lodges, & other the Camps in our Council.   We have just started in adding content and we can use your help with editorial, content, and research.  For more information

Help & Provide us with Additional Info

Help & Provide us with Additional Info

Camp & Program Directors 

Rangers & Assistants


International Staff

Camp Staff List  /  Staff Photos

Individuals who made an impact at Camp Wilderness

  1. Unknown Legends – Help us identify these individuals
  2. Edgar Olson  – Wrote the Camp’s Alma Mater
  3. Herman Stern – Founding Father of  Camp Wilderness
  4. George Edwin Black– Black Building Namesake
  5. George Boardman – Early Council Executive
  6. John Lien – First Camp Cook 
  7. John Lindblom – Camp Surveyor
  8. Neville Pearson – Photographed Camps First Years
  9. Dr. Norman Baker – Founding Father of Camp Wilderness
  10. Dr. Steve Werpy – Long Time Camp Staffer 
  11. Virgil Reed – First Camp Director 
  12. Who would you add to the list?

Friends of Camp Wilderness – eventually became the Alumni Association 

Help & Provide us with Additional Info
Help & Provide us with Additional Info

Additional Camps (past & present)

Help & Provide us with Additional Info

Camp Wilderness History Center

The Northern Lights Alumni Association has established the actual trail and the digital trail  below with the hopes for a deeper understanding of the heritage and legacy of Camp Wilderness.

Our focus is telling the story of the Northern Lights Council and the camps within—not only by honoring all we have today, but also by remembering where we came from. Our present-day council is the result of the evolution of four councils, four lodges, and many camps.

The Northern Lights History Center’s collections are comprised of various artifacts donated by friends of Scouting. We rely on these donations from people like you to preserve and display the history of the council and its camps. Help us uphold the story of the Northern Lights Council by donating items or by joining the History Committee.

What we need and our areas of focus -


   Our Needs       CampsCouncils/Lodges


(when, why, who, how, etc…)

Camp Wilderness

Missouri Valley Council


Camp Wabaunaquat

Great Plains

Area Council


Metigoshe Scout Reservation

Lake Agassiz Council


Heart Butte Scout Reservation

Red River Valley Council

Newspaper Clippings

Camp Shawondasse

Chatoka Lodge

Guide BooksBig 4 Scout CampThunderbird Lodge
Stories & Anecdotes

Camp Spanish Point

Chan-o-wapi Lodge

Working at the History Center

Camp Kiwanis/ Wood Lake

Minniduta Lodge

Helping with Research

Camp Chandawag/ Oak Island

Pa-Hin Lodge

Cataloging and storing items

Camp Chatoka

Northern Lights Council
Building DisplaysWhat did we miss?

Park Region Council

Gifts to the Northern Lights Council for the History Center are deductible from taxable income in accordance with the provisions of Federal income tax law. However, the History Committee or Council employees cannot, in their official capacity, give appraisals for the purpose of establishing the tax deductible value of donated items. Evaluations must be secured by the donor at his/her expense. The donor receives no goods or services in consideration of this gift.           


Contact the History Committee for more information on how you can help

email Bob Rezac or  701-261-7597

email Chad Swenson  or 701-388-2494