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Session 8 - Prairie Rose 101, Friday 12 PM

School Districts face a variety of challenges in their continuing mission to serve the community, create strong public/private partnerships, and work together to help students and families achieve their highest potential. Scouting offers a variety of time-tested curricula that blends character and life skills in a unique way that results in positive youth development, leadership, and better student achievement. Scouting positively affects 38 of the “SEARCH 40 Developmental Assets”. Scouting also brings strong community linkages that can help schools bridge the gap between curriculum and community needs. Participants will learn more about the many opportunities that are available in Scouting and how a strong partnership can help schools achieve their mission in their community. Scouting can be a powerful tool if used effectively.

The hope at the heart of the BSA Adopt-a-School program is to build strong, sustaining relationships with your local schools, creating thousands of lasting community partnerships across the U.S. Through committed volunteer efforts — from school cleanup and landscaping to Scouts’ active participation in school events throughout the year — the BSA® will become a defined presence in improving our nation’s schools.

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