New Council Fee Effective August 1, 2022

Dear Northern Lights Council Scouting Family,



For over 112 years, the Northern Lights Council has fostered positive youth development in young people by developing confidence, competence, character, caring and connection through shared experiences that are fun, challenging, and reinforce the ideals in the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. It is important now more than ever that this mission continue while also keeping pace with an ever-changing world. Reliable and sustainable funding is integral to our ability to deliver our mission.



Annually, the Northern Lights Council must raise between $480 and $520 per registered youth member to cover essential services such as camperships, recruitment support, service centers, administrative staff, a variety of insurance and camping properties, to name a few. For decades, we have relied upon the generosity of Scouting families willing to donate to the Family Friends of Scouting (FOS) Campaign to help make up a portion of that difference. Unfortunately, Family FOS contributions have continued to decline in recent years while costs continue to rise. Many units have declined to have a presentation. And although some families choose to contribute, a growing number choose not to do so.



Some units have indicated that the Family FOS presentation is disruptive during meetings. Additional feedback indicates that today’s families would prefer to know what the annual costs are upfront, and then pay one fee, as they do with many of their children’s other activities. Regardless of the reason, it appears that Family FOS has become outdated, and we need to shift to a different business model. Therefore, based on numerous discussions and review by volunteer leadership, effective August 1, 2022, the Northern Lights Council will be discontinuing the Family FOS program and will not be conducting unit presentations and solicitations going forward. Rather, an Annual Council fee of $36 per youth member will be assessed during recharter, additionally, new members who join after August 2022 will be assessed a $3.00 per month prorated Annual Council fee through December.



The council fee will be in addition to the annual youth and adult fees required by National BSA which are estimated to be $75 for 2023 raising annual recharter fees to $111 per youth member. The annual Council fee will replace the $4.00 Insurance fee for youth members. No council fees will be assessed for registered adults, and adults will continue to pay the $4.00 insurance fee.



You may undoubtedly have some questions regarding this change. We have attached an FAQ which should answer some of your questions. You can also contact Scout Executive, Richard McCartney at at any time.




Yours in Scouting,


Tim Tello, Council President

Steve Shark, Council Commissioner

Richard McCartney, Scout Executive/CEO



Additional Info:

  • The subscription for Scout’s Life is still $12 annually.
  • As always, camperships and financial assistance are available.