Northern Sky District

Serving youth through community organizations in the North Dakota counties of Barnes, Cass, Dickey, Eddy, Foster, Griggs, LaMoure, Ransom, Sargent, Stutsman, Traill and the Minnesota counties of Clay, Becker, Mahnomen and Norman.

District 5 Leadership

District Chairman Todd Medd (701) 446-7697  
District Commissioner Jefri Jones (701) 373-1420  
District Director Megan Wiesneski (701) 499-0645 (701) 446-7795 cell
District Executive Shaun Grover (701) 293-5011 (701) 367-7965 cell
District Executive Ryan Hansen (701) 499-0659 (218) 770-7505 cell

Eagle Scout Projects and Boards of Review

Scouts with questions about project approvals and scheduling boards of review should contact John Dockter at (701) 371-3474.

Klondike Derby 2020

Saturday, January 25, 2020

MSUM Regional Science Center (Just E of Buffalo River State Park, MN)

Just before the turn of the century, Gold prospectors traveled the subzero reaches of Alaska by dogs and sleds. They camped out in all kinds of winter weather, and therefore needed adequate survival skills, which they learned from native Eskimos. Scouting has incorporated this theme in the Klondike Derby and have been testing their Klondike skills since 1949. The objectives of the Klondike Derby are to make Scouts use their heads, put their Scouting skills to work in the field, demonstrate teamwork, Scout spirit, and to have fun in the outdoors.

When gold seekers came up the Chilkoot Pass, they were inspected by the North West Mounted Police before being allowed entry into Canada and the Yukon. Those that did not have adequate supplies where turned back for their own safety. So it should be at the Klondike Derby.  Therefore, the first event will be held in front of the Science Center.  A thorough safety check of the sled and scouts will take place.

Detailed information

Registration page

2020 Charter Renewal

Each year, Scouting units are required to renew their charters with the Northern Lights Council. The charter is the official agreement between the council and your local chartered organization to provide a program under the auspices of the BSA.  The process of renewing a unit's charter reinforces this agreement year-to-year and provides an opportunity to update registration records and qualify for Journey to Excellence recognition.

Thank you for completing your unit’s charter renewal on time and error free! 

For questions and support, please contact Jefri Jones, District Commissioner, also Megan Wiesneski at the Council Office. 


Completed renewal due to commissioner by November 27, 2019.

On-time Charter Renewals due by December 13 to the Center for Scouting, Fargo (error free).

Resources available

Order of the Arrow


Are your scouts looking for the next thing in their scouting path? Order of the Arrow is a great way to get more involved in scouting and community service. Further, greater leadership opportunities exist, creating more opportunities for growth and travel! For more information, contact Seth Murray

Northern Sky District is on FaceBook

Get updates faster! The Northern Sky District is on Facebook Send us pictures and we'd be more than happy to share them! Moving forward, we will also try our best to regularly go Facebook Live for Roundtables! Like our page and share it with your unit! 

District Recognition Dinner

Mark your calendar for the annual District Recognition Dinner that will be held on Saturday, February 29, 2020, location TBD. This is the time when we make time to thank the volunteers that make Scouting happen in the Northern Sky District and in the Scouting units. Dinner, fellowship and the presentation of awards will highlight the evening.

Registration will open in January

Nominate a Deserving Scouter in your Area

We have hundreds of excellent volunteers in the Northern Sky District. This is your chance to help recognize someone that has helped you and the Scouts in your area have an excellent experience.

  • Take a few minutes to complete one of the nomination forms below
  • Submit the form no later than January 31, 2020
  • If the person you nominated is selected, you will be notified.

Nomination form for Northern Sky District Awards

Nomination form for the District Award of Merit

Family Friends of Scouting Presentation Scheduling


During the first few months of each year (usually Jan/Feb/Mar), we ask packs and troops to allow a Family Friends of Scouting presentation to be scheduled during the Blue and Gold Banquet, Court of Honor or other pack/troop meeting. The district will have a presenter attend and talk to the parents for about 8-10 minutes about how the council supports the local pack. Parents are then given the opportunity to make a financial pledge to the Friends of Scouting campaign. This is not a high-pressure sales pitch.

Schedule a presentation for your pack or troop today!

For questions, please contact Keith Lingle, District Friends of Scouting Chair by email

Scheduled Presentations for Northern Sky District

Thank you to the units that have already scheduled their presentation!

Pack & Date Troop & Date
Pack 135 Troop 111
Pack 139 Troop 134
Pack 144 Troop 147
Pack 145 Troop 163
Pack 147 - 1/12/20 Troop 172
Pack 165 Troop 203
Pack 172 Troop 213 - 5/18/20
Pack 200 Troop 214 - 2/27/20
Pack 201 Troop 215 - 2/9/20
Pack 210 - 2/20/20 Troop 222
Pack 215 Troop 225 - 5/1/20
Pack 221 - 2/20/20 Troop 229 -2/9/20
Pack 222 Troop 230 - 2/7/20
Pack 225 Troop 232 - 2/2/20
Pack 228 Troop 241 - 3/29/20
Pack 229 Troop 242
Pack 230 - 2/7/20 Troop 244 - 2/9/20
Pack 232 - 2/18/20 Troop 246
Pack 233 - 2/22/20 Troop 263 - 2/23/20
Pack 234 - 1/21/20 Troop 274 - 1/6/20
Pack 235 Troop 276 - 12/16/19
Pack 241 - 3/28/20 Troop 279 - 1/26/20
Pack 246 - 2/10/20 Troop 523
Pack 251 Troop 560
Pack 262 Troop 604 - 3/29/20
Pack 263 - 2/23/20 Troop 624
Pack 274 Troop 635
Pack 276 Troop 637 - 12/2/19
Pack 279 - 3/28/20 Troop 644 - 2/11/20
Pack 285 - 2/22/20 Troop 652 - 12/15/19
Pack 299 Troop 653
Pack 523 Troop 654
Pack 562 - 1/25/20 Troop 655 - 3/13/20
Pack 575 Troop 656 - 3/15/20
Pack 604 - 3/29/20 Troop 674
Pack 605 - 5/4/20 Troop 5214 - 2/27/20
Pack 606 - 2/4/20 Troop 5271
Pack 624 - 2/23/20 Troop 5274 - 1/6/20
Pack 626  
Pack 633  
Pack 640  
Pack 641 - 2/1/20  
Pack 643  
Pack 644 - 2/3/20  
Pack 652 - 1/25/20  
Pack 654 Congratulations to
Pack 656 Brian Norberg
Pack 684 - 2/23/20 for winning the Dairy
Pack 690 Queen treat!

2019 Membership Growth Incentive

Congratulations Pack 3274 & Pack 3606 for qualifying for the Membership Growth Incentive – Free Pinewood Derby kits!

Please contact Megan to make arrangements to pick them up. They will also be available to pick up at January's Roundtable.

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