Order of the Arrow

The Pa-Hin Lodge officially was chartered in 1977, after extensive planning and discussions in 1976, combining four existing lodges in the Northern Lights Council into a single Lodge. Each lodge has a totem and is given a particular name, often stemming from the local tribes in the area. “Pa-Hin” is a Lakota word meaning “porcupine,” in which the animal also serves as our totem. 

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The Key 3 for the Pa-Hin Lodge are made up of the Lodge Chief, Lodge Adviser, and Lodge Staff Adviser.

Upcoming 2023 Lodge Events
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Upcoming LEC Meetings

The Lodge Executive Committee is made up of Lodge officers, Lodge committee chairmen, and representatives from each chapter (usually the chapter chief). The LEC meets monthly on the second Sunday of the month at 7:00 PM Central Time via conference call


These meetings are where key decisions are made regarding operations for the rest of the year. Only youth members get a vote. Other non-voting members of the LEC include all Lodge associate advisers, chapter advisers, and the Supreme Chief of the Fire (Scout Executive). If you are interested in seeing an LEC meeting, please contact the Lodge Chief. 


  • October 28: Budget Discussion at Pa-Hin Party / Lodge Retreat
  • November 12 at 7:00 PM CT
  • December 10 at 7:00 PM CT

The purpose of the Order of the Arrow is fourfold:

  • To recognize those Scout campers who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives
  • To develop and maintain camping traditions and spirit
  • To promote Scout camping
  • To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others

The Order of the Arrow (OA) was founded by Dr. E. Urner Goodman and Carroll A. Edson in 1915 at the Treasure Island Camp of the Philadelphia Council, Boy Scouts of America. It became an official program experiment in 1922 and was approved as part of the Scouting program in 1934. 

In 1948 the OA, recognized as the BSA’s national brotherhood of honor campers, became an official part of the national camping program of the Boy Scouts of America.


Each local council is encouraged to have an Order of the Arrow lodge. Each lodge is granted a charter from the National Council, BSA, upon annual application. The OA lodge helps the local council provide a quality Scouting program through recognition of Scouting spirit and performance, development of youth leadership and service, promotion of Scout camping and outdoor programs, and enhancement of membership tenure. Northern Lights Council’s local OA lodge is Pa-Hin Lodge.