Council Pinewood Derby 2020

This year, many Cub Scout Packs were not able to conduct Pinewood Derby races because of the pandemic.

The Northern Lights Council did something different to give Cub Scouts the chance to see their cars race! We conducted a Council Pinewood Derby that was broadcast over the internet.

You can watch the races below, which were broadcast on Facebook July 4, 2020.



Lion Division Top Finishers

 Gold medal  Laci Ziegler  Pack 92, Frontier Trails
 Silver medal  Jaxon Murray  Pack 112, Roughrider
 Bronze medal Adam Ellerkamp  Pack 293, Great Plains

Tiger Division Top Finishers

 Gold medal  Jeramia Kearns  Pack 228, Northern Sky
 Silver medal  Kassel Dirk  Pack 153, Frontier Trails
 Bronze medal  Cameron Stein  Pack 125, Frontier Trails


After Registering to Participate

  • The Scouts name and Pack number should be on the car for identification purposes
    • Avoid stickers that may fall off the car
  • Cars must be received by the council no later than Thursday, June 25
    • Scouts may deliver their derby car to one of these locations:
      • Wanzek Center for Scouting, Fargo
      • Capital Credit Union Scout Center, Bismarck
      • Scout Service Center, Grand Forks
      • To your District Executive (see list of districts)
      • Or shipped to:

Capital Credit Union Scout Center
Northern Lights Council, Boy Scouts of America
3320 Hamilton Street, #1
Bismarck, ND 58503

  • Cars will only be raced if:
  • Cars should be weighed and graphite applied (if desired) before being turned in
    • Cars that are overweight will be raced in an outlaw division
  • The council is not responsible for damage to the cars during shipping or racing
  • Cars will not be shipped back to individual Scouts
    • Cars may be claimed at the District Day Camp in July/August or at the District Roundtable in August
    • See the Day Camp page or your district's webpage for dates
  • First through third place finishers will be posted on this website
    • Awards will be available for pick up at the District Day Camp in July/August or at the District Roundtable in August

  • Each registered participant will receive a patch (shown below)
  • 1-3 place finishers will receive a medal (shown below)

Interesting Car Designs

We had two Scouts that sent in photos of their Pinewood Derby race cars. We hope you had fun designing and building them!

Carter Z's car - Pack 92, Bismarck

Laci Z's car - Pack 92, Bismarck

Wolf Division Top Finishers

 Gold medal  Michael Aragon  Pack 28, Roughrider
 Silver medal  Claire Claussen  Pack 28, Roughrider
 Bronze medal  Carter Ziegler  Pack 92, Frontier Trails

Bear Division Top Finishers

 Gold medal  Jorgen Hanson  Pack 276, Northern Sky
 Silver medal  Samuel Claussen  Pack 28, Roughrider
 Bronze medal  Aiden Kalbus  Pack 279, Northern Sky

Webelos Division Top Finishers

 Gold medal  Jack Burke  Pack 222, Lake Agassiz
 Silver medal  Lauren Mielke  Pack 1, Frontier Trails
 Bronze medal  Otto Nash  Pack 228, Northern Sky

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