Sign up to Participate in the 2020 Sale

Unit Popcorn Kernels need to register the pack, troop, crew or post to participate in the 2020 sale and receive communication from the Northern Lights Council. Registration is open now.

After a unit is signed up, the council will send an email to the Unit Kernel with the log in information needed to access the Camp Masters system. Those emails will go out once the Camp Masters system is available for the 2020 sale. Before then, see below for information on accessing the DEMO site to see what it will look like.


Council Information & Tools

  • Note - the link above is to a "draft" copy of the Popcorn Guide. There will be a final version posted here as soon as some of the last details are confirmed, including shipment of chocolate products.

  • Use the link above to download a tool for you to enter your total sales from 2019 and determine how much popcorn to order on August 19.

  • The Scout Sales Guide includes product information, the prize program and a Take Order form.

  • Units that turn in a program calendar and budget by August 19 will earn an extra 2% commission!

  • Use this worksheet to compile the order, then use it to submit the actual order online.

Popcorn News Email Archive

July 1, 2020 Email

Camp Masters Information & Tools

This is the site where Scouts and Leaders will log in to manage their popcorn sale.

Credentials for Unit Kernels will be emailed after the unit signs up to participate in the popcorn sale. Unit Kernels can set up accounts for Scouts and email them their credentials or may choose to have Scouts sign up themselves.

To see what the popcorn system will look like, Camp Masters has created a demo site. You can log in using the credentials below. Don't worry, anything you enter or change will not effect any real information!

For Unit Kernels, use these log-in credentials for the demo site:

Email Address -

Password - Demounit19!

For Scouts, use these log-in credentials for the demo site:

Email Address -

Password - Demoscout19!

The link above will get you to Camp Masters main website. Topics available are:

For Leaders

  • Sales Tools
  • Graphics Gallery
  • Post Sale
  • Program Feedback
  • Merit Badges
  • Media Library

For Scout Families

  • Best for Scout Families
  • Merit Badges
  • Selling and Safety Tips

For Scouts

  • Best for Scouts
  • Merit Badges
  • Selling and Safety Tips

Units can download the instructions above to set up a PayAnywhere account and have credit card transactions deposited directly into the unit's checking account. Units will incur a 2.69% transaction fee (using a card reader) or 3.49% fee for manual card entry. 

Customers can order popcorn online and have it delivered directly to them with no shipping charges.

Camp Masters 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ramsey Popcorn (the parent company of Camp Masters) guarantees complete satisfaction with each purchase. If not completely satisfied the consumer will receive a replacement product of equal or greater value ground shipped to them at the company's expense.

Unit Leader Support and Customer Service

Toll Free number - (800) 624-2060


District District Kernel Phone
03 Oxcart Trails  Ben Smith  (218) 791-7353
04 Lakes  Carrie Braaten  (320) 304-9759
05 Northern Sky  Sandy Meyer  (218) 230-4737
08 Lake Agassiz  Jasmine Hurley  (218) 791-3218
10 Roughrider  Jen Eilts  (708) 710-9635
11 Tomahawk    
13 Frontier Trails  Justine Meidinger  (701) 220-2270
14 Great Plains  Brant Cartwright  (701) 580-8969
Council Kernel  Steve Smith  (701) 364-4114




For technical assistance or general sale questions Darin Steindl  (218) 979-4653
For assistance with orders, paperwork or prizes Emilie Frenzel  (701) 293-5011



Webinars Scheduled

As webinars are offered by the Northern Lights Council or Camp Masters, the information will be posted here. When you register to participate in a webinar, you will receive the meeting connection information and reminder emails prior to the meeting.

Key Leader Briefings

The Northern Lights Council is offering an additional 2% commission for sales when your unit has the Popcorn Kernel and one other leader (Committee Chair, Scoutmaster or Cubmaster) participate in one of the Key Leader Briefings. These briefings can be attended in-person (locations will be added in the near future) or by registering to participate in one of the webinars listed below.

Tuesday, August 4 @ 7:00 pm (central)    

Thursday, August 13 @ 7:30 pm (central)

Tuesday, August 18 @ 7:00 pm (central)  

2020 Sale Timeline


Note - units can earn an extra 2% commission when the Unit Popcorn Kernel and the Committee Chair (or SM or CM) participate in a Key Leader Briefing on August 4, 13 or 18.



4  Key Leaders Briefing (see link above to register)
13  Key Leaders Briefing (see link above to register)
15  Popcorn Sale Starts (Scouts can begin taking orders)
18  Key Leaders Briefing (see link above to register)
19  First Popcorn order due
19  Units turn in their program calendar and unit budget by August 19 with their popcorn order to receive an extra 2% commission



10-11  First popcorn distribution to units in their district



29  First payment & Final popcorn order due from units



19-20  Final popcorn distribution to units in their district



11  Final payment due
11 To receive an extra 2% commission the unit must increase their sale 5% from the previous year
After December 11 3% late fee will be assessed for units that haven't paid in time


Why the Change in Popcorn Companies?

In February 2020, the Northern Lights Council conducted focus group meetings with 20 units. We appreciate the insight shared by those volunteers that participated. The consensus was to continue with Trail’s End. Planning for the 2020 sale was moving forward until June 8, when the council received notice that Trail’s End was experiencing supply issues due to COVID-19 and a 40% increase in demand for popcorn products.

The company informed us that they would be unable to ship microwave and chocolate products to councils this year. Instead, those products would only be available for customers to order online. We also learned that the cost for shipping online orders was increasing to $7.99 for one item and $.99 for each additional item. Since those products made up about 30% of the 2019 sale, we felt that an alternative was needed. For that reason, we decided to switch to a different nationally approved vendor, Camp Masters Popcorn. Camp Masters is based in Indiana, offers premium products and works with other BSA councils across the country. They are not experiencing production issues and appear be able to provide us with the products that our consumers will be looking for this fall.

Fundamentally, the popcorn sale doesn’t change.  We will raise money to help Scouts, families, units and the council to support the Scouting program. However, there will be a few changes in the product line, ordering process, and prize program.  We are excited to report that several of the changes address recommendations made in the Popcorn Sale survey that was conducted in January including the introduction of more items under $20 (There will be 5) and a non-popcorn item (Trail Mix). 

The Camp Masters product line includes classic favorites like chocolate, cheese, microwave and Kettle corn, and new additions like Trail mix and some lower prices!  Here is the complete list with retail pricing and other Camp Masters information:

Product Lineup

Chocolatey Treasures tin, $60 retail
3-way Cheesy Cheese tin, $35 retail
Chocolate Drizzle bag, $30 retail
Movie Theater Butter microwave (22-pack), $25 retail
Classic Trail Mix bag, $20 retail
Supreme Caramel Corn bag, $20 retail
Sea Salt bag, $15 retail
White Cheddar Cheese bag, $15 retail
Roasted Summer Corn microwave (14-pack), $15 retail
Kettle Corn microwave (12-pack), $15 retail
Caramel Corn bag, $10 retail
Popping Corn jar, $10 retail

click on the image above to download a printable version

  • Scouts that had previously qualified for the Scholarship program can continue to earn 6% of their sales through a replacement program.
  • Scouts can continue to accept credit card payments using an online payment system with funds going into a unit’s checking account (there will be transaction fees for credit card payments).
  • Online popcorn system for unit leaders and Scouts to use in managing the sale.
  • Customers can also order popcorn online (August 1 – December 31) and have it shipped directly to them with no shipping charges.
  • A customer service hotline that unit leaders and Scouts can call for assistance: (800) 624-2060.

Other information about the 2020 popcorn sale:

  • Unit “Key Leaders” Briefings will be held in August
  • The council will be helping units with resources for their unit kickoff
  • Units will have the potential to earn up to 33% commission:
    • Base Commission = 27%
    • Key Leader’s Briefing participation = +2%
    • Submit calendar, budget and date of kickoff with first popcorn order = +2%
    • Achieve 5% growth in retail sales = +2%

We encourage units to sign-up to participate in the popcorn sale by June 30 to be entered in a drawing for a Scout Shop gift card. If a unit has already signed up to participate in the popcorn sale, another sign-up is not needed.

We thank you for your support of Scouting and look forward to working with your pack, troop, crew or post this fall with the popcorn sale.

2019 Top Sellers

Congratulations to the Scouts listed below. These 20 Scouts as a group sold $128,746 worth of popcorn!

  1. Marcus R - Pack 153, Mandan, $10,900
  2. Colten H - Pack 32, Dickinson,  $10,140
  3. Benjamin A - Troop 213, Fargo,  $10,000
  4. Kaleb C - Pack 112, Dickinson, $10,000
  5. Kyron S - Pack 112, Dickinson, $8,603
  6. Nathan B - Pack 644, Moorhead, $8,350
  7. Andrew R - Troop 246, West Fargo, $8,270
  8. Jacob D - Pack 412, Minot, $6,721
  9. Brayden M - Pack 234, West Fargo, $5,765
  10. Wyatt S - Pack 32, Dickinson, $5,721
  11. Calvin B - Lone Scout, Rolette, $5,683
  12. Braden H - Pack 139, Jamestown, $5,493
  13. Jaydon N - Troop 213, Harwood, $5,296
  14. Carson S - Pack 13, Grand Forks, $5,282
  15. Bentley F - Pack 153, Mandan, $5,085
  16. Alexander R - Pack 32, Dickinson, $4007
  17. Logan C - Pack 371, Williston, $3,880
  18. Kolton A - Pack 59, Thief River Falls, $3,835
  19. Eli F - Pack 357, Frontier, $3,185
  20. Lucas K - Pack 496, Miltona, $2,530

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