Popcorn Sale

Unit Sign Up for the 2021 Popcorn Sale

Use the button below to sign up for the 2021 popcorn sale so your unit doesn’t miss out on any important information!

Popcorn Key Leader Briefings

Units can earn an extra 2% commission for 2021 sales by having the Unit Popcorn Kernel participate in one of the Key Leader Briefings along with the either the Unit Committee Chair (CC), Cubmaster (CM) or Scoutmaster (SM).

  • Unit Kernel + one other leader registered in the unit as CC, CM or SM are required to participate – other leaders don’t meet the requirement for the extra commission.

All Key Leader Briefings and webinars will start at 7:00 pm (CT).

Tuesday, August 3, 2021  (done)

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 locations:

  • Fargo – Center for Scouting
  • Dickinson – Chamber of Commerce
  • Fergus Falls – Living Faith Church
  • or Webinar

Thursday, August 12, 2021 locations:

  • Grand Forks – Scout Field Office
  • Alexandria – Calvary Lutheran Church
  • or Webinar

2021 Popcorn Sale Timeline


 25 Units are asked to sign up by this date so we can have packets available at the Key Leader Briefings



3 Key Leaders Briefing (see link above to register)
10 Key Leaders Briefing (see link above to register)
12 Key Leaders Briefing (see link above to register)
13Popcorn Sale Starts (Scouts can begin taking orders)
18 Initial Popcorn order due by 1:00 pm

Distribution dates listed below are estimates and may be subject to change due to transportation issues.


3 Unit program calendar and budget due (+2% extra commission)
9-10 First popcorn distribution
20 Second Unit Orders due by 1:00 pm



14-15 Second popcorn distribution
28 Initial payment due (for popcorn received and sold already)
28 Final popcorn order due by 1:00 pm



5 Final unit invoices will be emailed (with final commission %)
18-19 Final popcorn distribution



9 Final payment due by 5:00 pm
9 Final date prize orders will be accepted
9 A 3% late fee will be assessed for units that pay after December 9
17 Top Selling Scouts will be announced
2021 District Popcorn Kernel’s Contact Information

If you have questions, contact one of the people below.

DistrictDistrict KernelsPhone
02 Prairie FireJeff Korman(320) 766-1517
05 Northern SkySandy Meyer(218) 230-4737
08 Lake AgassizJasmine Hurley(218) 791-3218
10 Roughrider
11 TomahawkChad Parton(701) 500-2327
13 Frontier TrailsHerb Kraft
14 Great PlainsBrant Cartwright(701) 580-8969
Council KernelSteve Smith(701) 364-4114
Staff AdvisorDarin Steindl(701) 499-0646
Support StaffJudy Kotta &
Cathy Peloubet
(701) 293-5011

2020 Top Sellers


Council Top Selling Scout in 2020

ScoutDistrictUnitTotal Sales
Andrew R.Northern SkyTroop 246$ 12,500


Council Top Selling Unit in 2020

UnitDistrictTotal Sales
Pack 112Roughrider$ 32,210

2021 Prize Programs

Keller Prize Program

Prize Descriptions available at www.kellerprizeprogram.com

    • The code for Northern Lights Council is: 429NLC

Prize Ordering Instructions

Prize Order worksheet (coming soon) – use this worksheet to compile the order, then use it to submit the actual order online.

All prizes must be ordered from Keller no later than December 9

Bonus Prize Programs

Order Council Bonus Prizes Here

Camp Masters High Achiever Prize form (coming soon) – for Scouts that have $3,000+ in sales

Scholarship Replacement Program form (coming soon)

Scouts that participated in the Camp Masters “Scholarship Replacement” program in 2020 can continue to receive an extra 6% of their sales in 2021 (will be sent in the form of a gift card). If a Scout chooses that option, they will not be eligible for the Camp Masters “High Achiever” prize.

      • Scholarship Replacement form (coming soon)

All bonus prizes must be ordered no later than December 9

Sell $1,000+ and join the K Club and receive this hammock!

Information & Tools for Unit Leaders

Coming Soon

  • Unit Master Record – excel

Camp Masters 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ramsey Popcorn (the parent company of Camp Masters) guarantees complete satisfaction with each purchase. If not completely satisfied the consumer will receive a replacement product of equal or greater value ground shipped to them at the company’s expense.

Unit Leader Support and Customer Service

Toll Free number – (800) 624-2060

Camp Masters Information & Tools
  • Camp Masters Popcorn System – this is the site where Scouts and Leaders will log in to manage their popcorn sale. Credentials for Unit Kernels will be emailed after the unit signs up to participate in the popcorn sale. Unit Kernels can set up accounts for Scouts and email them their credentials or may choose to have Scouts sign up themselves.
  • Camp Masters general information – this link will take you to Camp Masters main website. They have tools and ideas for: Scouts, Scout Families and Scout Leaders

Customers can order popcorn online and have it delivered directly to them with no shipping charges.

Typing in popcornordering.com into a web browser should direct the customer to the correct page, but if they can problems they can also go to https://ordering.campmasters.org/PopcornOrdering

Products will be available to order online up to 12/31/21. At that time, Camp Masters closes the online sale for the year.

Distribution Locations

Please check with your District Popcorn Kernel to schedule a pick up time.

DistrictLocation NameAddressCity
Prairie Fire 2Fergus Home and Hardware1005 N Tower RoadFergus Falls
Prairie Fire 2Pfeninger Warehousing LLC7501 MN – 29Alexandria
Northern Sky 5Union Storage4275 Main AvenueFargo
Northern Sky 5Duratech Industries3780 Hwy 281EJamestown
Lake Agassiz 8Viking Coca Cola819 S 46th StGrand Forks
Roughrider 10Fastenal Company2349 3rd Ave WDickinson
Tomahawk 11Ward Warehousing515 46th Ave NWMinot
Frontier Trails 13Bismarck
Great Plains 14Mountrail-William Electric Cooperative218 58th St WWilliston
Great Plains 14McCody Concrete14021 US-2Williston

Units that have Qualified for Extra Commissions

Updated 8/4/21 6:30 pm
DistrictUnitKey Leader BriefingCalendar & BudgetIncreased Sale 5% vs. 2020
02Pack 3321+2%
08Troop 1151+2%
11Pack 4412+2%
11Pack 4425+2%
11Pack 4435+2%
11Pack 4528+2%
11Troop 5401+2%
13Pack 4001+2%
13Pack 4043+2%
13Pack 4092+2%
13Pack 4123+2%
13Pack 4150+2%
13Pack 4153+2%
13Pack 4171+2%
13Troop 1002+2%
13Troop 1011+2%
13Troop 1011G+2%
13Troop 1123+2%
13Troop 1425+2%
13Troop 5425+2%
13Troop 7013+2%

Units Signed up for the 2021 Sale

Use the search box to check on the status of a unit. If it is not listed, the unit has not been signed up yet.

If “Not identified yet” is listed under the Unit Popcorn Kernel column:

  • That means that one of the unit leaders signed the unit up for the sale, but that person is not the Unit Popcorn Kernel
  • The actual Unit Popcorn Kernel has not been submitted yet (we need this before we can set up the account in the Camp Masters popcorn system)

To add a unit to the sale or change “Not identified yet” to the correct Unit Kernel, CLICK HERE.

Updated 8/4/21 at 6:15 pm
DistrictUnitUnit Popcorn Kernel
02 Prairie FirePack 3306Kimberly Blumberg
02 Prairie FirePack 3307Ben Smith
02 Prairie FirePack 3309Jeanette Nilson
02 Prairie FirePack 3312Lindsay Aune
02 Prairie FirePack 3313Steve Herdan
02 Prairie FirePack 3318Miranda Olson
02 Prairie FirePack 3321Nicole Nyberg
02 Prairie FirePack 3336Not Identified
02 Prairie FirePack 3345Jeremy Anderson
02 Prairie FirePack 3352Mike Bassingthwaite
02 Prairie FirePack 3416Paul Waggoner
02 Prairie FirePack 3418Jebb Garrison
02 Prairie FirePack 3423Sara Maasjo
02 Prairie FirePack 3426Karla Brouns
02 Prairie FirePack 3445Charity Shah
02 Prairie FirePack 3472LeAnn Aldrich
02 Prairie FirePack 3473Robin Kieffer
02 Prairie FirePack 3496Jeff Korman
02 Prairie FireTroop 0305Jason Resler
02 Prairie FireTroop 0321Lynae Johnson
02 Prairie FireTroop 0332Bonnie Karels
02 Prairie FireTroop 0346Jeff Jelinek
02 Prairie FireTroop 0412Michael Denke
02 Prairie FireTroop 0423Chris Kohn
02 Prairie FireTroop 0426Tracy Goodwin
02 Prairie FireTroop 0440Jeremy Anderson
02 Prairie FireTroop 0472LeAnn Aldrich
02 Prairie FireTroop 0491Robin Kieffer
02 Prairie FireTroop 0496Jeff Korman
05 Northern SkyPack 3135Jeffrey Lorrenz
05 Northern SkyPack 3139Not Identified
05 Northern SkyPack 3201Winter Moore
05 Northern SkyPack 3221Stefany Halvorson
05 Northern SkyPack 3225Joseph Hoffman
05 Northern SkyPack 3232Amanda Buettner
05 Northern SkyPack 3234Jenn Ness
05 Northern SkyPack 3241Kelly Krause
05 Northern SkyPack 3263Stacy Wheeler
05 Northern SkyPack 3276Joe Goplin
05 Northern SkyPack 3285Joe Boyer
05 Northern SkyPack 3562Joe Sykora
05 Northern SkyPack 3605Patricia Kiser
05 Northern SkyPack 3624Jami Bredman
05 Northern SkyPack 3633Dave Rhone
05 Northern SkyPack 3641Mindy Argall
05 Northern SkyPack 3644Nicole Bolluyt
05 Northern SkyPack 3652Jo High
05 Northern SkyPack 3654Amanda Malvick
05 Northern StarPack 3656Robert Laux
05 Northern SkyPack 3690Nikki Kohler
05 Northern SkyPack 4222Chris Duffy
05 Northern SkyTroop 0163Tim Lloyd
05 Northern SkyTroop 0213Michael Arne
05 Northern SkyTroop 0214Ryan Jonasson
05 Northern SkyTroop 0215Not Identified
05 Northern SkyTroop 0225Not Identified
05 Northern SkyTroop 0229Heather Neal
05 Northern SkyTroop 0232Ashley Atteberry
05 Northern SkyTroop 0244Don Schmidt
05 Northern SkyTroop 0246Karon Tassava
05 Northern SkyTroop 0274Dan Janes
05 Northern SkyTroop 0276Not Identified
05 Northern SkyTroop 0279Not Identified
05 Northern SkyTroop 0560 JoAnn Trader
05 Northern SkyTroop 0635Katie Ferden
05 Northern SkyTroop 0637Alissa Bata
05 Northern SkyTroop 0644Jerome Hasbargen
05 Northern SkyTroop 0652Not Identified
05 Northern SkyTroop 0654Christine Johnson
05 Northern SkyTroop 0656Sherry Bisek
05 Northern SkyTroop 5555Kristi Lloyd
08 Lake AgassizPack 3001Kasey Borboa
08 Lake AgassizPack 3013Kirstie Stortroen
08 Lake AgassizPack 3019Michael Bittner
08 Lake AgassizPack 3026Steven Demmerly
08 Lake AgassizPack 3028Not Identified
08 Lake AgassizPack 3034Erin Grasser
08 Lake AgassizPack 3037Meagan Black
08 Lake AgassizPack 3044Christina Sander
08 Lake AgassizPack 3052Lacie Hovland
08 Lake AgassizPack 3059Brandon Vogel
08 Lake AgassizPack 3089Philip Lee
08 Lake AgassizPack 3101Not Identified
08 Lake AgassizPack 3116Lillie Herbert
08 Lake AgassizPack 3143Toni Pulak
08 Lake AgassizPack 3162Not Identified
08 Lake AgassizPack 4151Amanda Larson
08 Lake AgassizPack 7408Cameron Carlson
08 Lake AgassizTroop 0001Kelly Stagnaro
08 Lake AgassizTroop 0013John Martin
08 Lake AgassizTroop 0037Meagan Black
08 Lake AgassizTroop 0041Erin Marsyla
08 Lake AgassizTroop 0050Maggie Haskett
08 Lake AgassizTroop 0059Angela Philipp
08 Lake AgassizTroop 0130Justin Haar
08 Lake AgassizTroop 0130GJustin Haar
08 Lake AgassizTroop 1151Amanda Larson
08 Lake AgassizTroop 7008Cameron Carlson
08 Lake AgassizTroop 7508Cameron Carlson
10 RoughriderPack 4028Scott Huitt
10 RoughriderPack 4032Mariah Schulte
10 RoughriderPack 4112Jenn Binstock
10 RoughriderTroop 1032Not Identified
11 TomahawkPack 4037Chad Trautman
11 TomahawkPack 4403Jessica Rakness
11 TomahawkPack 4412Jon Kowitz
11 TomahawkPack 4416Julie Haas
11 TomahawkPack 4419Habeeb Rafiu
11 TomahawkPack 4425Dean Foss
11 TomahawkPack 4432Not Identified
11 TomahawkPack 4435Michael Thompson
11 TomahawkPack 4457Melissa Carver
11 TomahawkPack 4528Not Identified
11 TomahawkPack 4534Not Identified
11 TomahawkTroop 0071Susanna Hein
11 TomahawkTroop 0425Natasha Greenlee
11 TomahawkTroop 1411LeAnn Kerutis
11 TomahawkTroop 1433James Walker
11 TomahawkTroop 1534Gene Jackoviak
11 TomahawkTroop 5401Laura Boucher
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4001Greg Backaus
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4043Tom Volk
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4053Darell Arne
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4088Not Identified
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4092Jinnie Stai
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4100John Ferderer
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4117Not Identified
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4123Ellen Hammer
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4150Travis Steckler
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4152Natasha Green
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4153Justine Meidinger
13 Frontier TrailsPack 4171Brooks Grotte
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 1002Travis Krein
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 1006Maggie Townsend
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 1011Karen Ziegler
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 1011GKaren Ziegler
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 1054Veronica Barnick
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 1073Bonnie Haskins
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 1089Rebekah Dohrmann
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 1123Ellen Hammer
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 1425Justine Meidinger
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 5425Justine Meidinger
13 Frontier TrailsTroop 7013Cindy Roehrich
14 Great PlainsPack 4208Andy Johnsrud
14 Great PlainsPack 4282Jessica Bahny-Huffman
14 Great PlainsPack 4338Sam Pulvermacher
14 Great PlainsPack 4371Brant Cartwright
14 Great PlainsPack 4378Megan Isenhower
14 Great PlainsTroop 1368Not Identified