Membership Recruiting

Recruiting Materials for Cub Scout Packs

Many of the materials listed below were included in the recruiting packets distributed at the district Fall Recruiting Training/Kickoff meetings in August. Download files to copy as needed. If you need additional yard signs, posters, foam Frisbees or applications, please contact your district professional.

Basics of Recruitment

Plan A - 2020 Cub Scout Recruitment Plan

Plan B - 2020 Cub Scout Recruitment Plan

Plan C - 2020 Cub Scout Recruitment Plan

Pro-rated membership fees (effective August 1, 2020)

Online Registration System

Youth and Adult Application forms

Timeline and how to calendar your recruitment

Updating Unit Information (for Family Scouting)

Flyer (for recruiting boys & girls)


Items Needed for Sign-up Meetings

Parent Attendance Sheet

New Den Leader brochures:

New Cubmaster brochure

New Committee member brochure

Parent Information Guide

Parent Survey

Welcome to Cub Scouts (video to use at a sign-up meeting)


Items needed for Parent Orientation

Parent Helper Sign Up (word file)

Parent Helper Sign Up (pdf file)

Pack Position Descriptions

Assistance form for Registration Fees (individuals)

Assistance form for Uniforms (individuals)

Yard Stick Story (for engaging parents) - bring a yard stick on recruiting night!

Yard Stick Info Graphic

Does Scouting Work? Yes it Does! (video)

PSA running on Midcontinent Cable (video)


Council Membership Meetings

Next Meeting - July 29 at 7:00 pm (Go to Meeting)

Last Meeting - July 9

A recording and transcript of the meeting is available here. Jump to the 1:50 mark for the start of the meeting.


Recruiting Materials for Scouts BSA Troops

Feel free to download and copy any of the items below as needed. Extra yard signs and applications are available from your district professional or Scout office. We are still in the development of materials that are for Scout BSA troops of girls.

Pro-rated membership fees (effective August 1, 2020)

Youth and Adult Application forms

Troop Resource Survey

Webelos to Scout Transition

How to Select Quality Adult Leaders


Scouts BSA Branding Materials - you must create an account to download

Materials for Lone Scouts

Lone Scout guide


Boys' Life Mini-Magazines

The national council is no longer printing the mini-magazines, but they are available online:

Version available to view online

Version available to download and print at home


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