Serving youth through community organizations in Dunn, Mercer, Billings; Golden Valley, Slope, Bowman; Stark, Hettinger, and Adams counties in Southwest North Dakota; also serving youth in Perkins County, South Dakota


District 10 Leadership

District Chairman Ali Levent Kilic  (701) 300-1333
District Vice-Chairman Jeremy Berger  (701) 483-7075
District Commissioner Paula Kleinsasser (701) 590-9462
District Executive David Finley (701) 757-0701 cell
Asst. Director of Field Service Rob Gilkerson (701) 223-7204 cell



Roughrider is really excited for the 2019 Fall Recruitment season and the amazing opportunities that will come along with it. There are some innovate things that are going to occur that will be a benefit to all units! we are here to train your unit to have the best fall possible! Not only is this your time to bring more scouts into the fun, this is your time to look to their parents to volunteer in the pack to continue moving your pack forward. 

For more information/resources on the fall recruitment, visit our council recruitment resource page. 

2019 Membership Growth Incentive

Our goal, as always, is to increase the number of young men and young women that we serve through our life-changing program.  We do transform our communities and  have a powerful positive impact on the future!

To encourage unit leadership to pursue membership growth in all packs and troops this fall we are offering the following incentive:

  1. Existing Packs and Troops that achieve growth of + 5 or more youth members over their December 31, 2018, registered members will be given a voucher for one Pinewood Derby car (Packs) or 1 Merit Badge Pamphlet (Troops) for each registered youth member as of the deadline date of November 15, 2019. 
  2. New Packs or new Troops chartered after February 1, 2019, that achieve 10 or more youth members will be given a voucher for one Pinewood Derby car (Packs) or 1 Merit Badge Pamphlet (Troops) for each registered youth member as of the deadline date of November 15, 2019.
  3. All membership must be turned in, processed, and paid for no later than November 15, 2019, to count towards the incentive. 

For more details and to determine your membership goal speak with your District Executive.



Popcorn sales play an important role in supporting our units and the Northern Lights Council. This sale allows units to create and provide many great opportunities for the unit and your scouts.

Sign up to Participate in the 2019 Sale - Unit Popcorn Kernels can register the pack, troop, crew or post to participate in the 2019 sale and receive communication from the Northern Lights Council.

Changes for this Year

  • New product lineup
  • Potential for units to earn up to 33% commission
  • Availability of smart phone app to take orders and collect credit card payments
  • Earlier start date to the sale
  • Popcorn Academy for Scouts in each district
  • New prize program

Click here for more information Popcorn 2019!

Roughrider District Wolf Dino Day - Badlands Dinosaur Museum

Earn Digging in the Past adventure loop with other wolf dens.
All Roughrider District 10 Wolf Scouts are invited to come & earn
this loop. Come with your Den Leader or parent.

Cost is $3.00 for wolf scouts

 $4.00 for parents

One adult is required to accompany each scout.

Siblings and extra adults in the family will pay at the door to the Museum.


Click here to register

Cub Scouts Fall Fun Day

Come and see what Cub Scouts in the Roughrider District is all about! There will be basketball, Ladder Golf, Corn Hole, more games and snacks will be provided! Come out for a great day of scouting fun.

A Parent/Guardian must be with their child during the event.

Where:  LDS Church 510 E Museum Dr. Dickinson, ND 58601
When:   November 9, 2019       
Time:    10:00 AM - 1:00 PM  MOUNTAIN TIME
Cost:     $5.00

Click here to register


Internet Advancement 2.0

The new tool to quickly input advancement data, Internet Advancement 2.0 (previously known as Scoutbook Lite) is now live.

This free solution replaces the previous Internet Advancement platform, which will be retired (for all programs except Exploring) on June 10, 2019. Internet Advancement 2.0 will feature a clean, new user interface and will be optimized to whatever device you use: desktop, tablet or smartphone. Internet Advancement 2.0 will offer optimized functions for everything found in the current Internet Advancement platform and can be accessed by Unit Key 3 users,  Unit Key 3 delegate users and Unit Advancement Chairs.

End users will access Internet Advancement 2.0 via one of the following locations using their my.Scouting credentials:


•             From the Legacy Tools menu in

•             A link in

•             From the current Internet Advancement Platform

After initial release, the BSA IT team will continue to add additional features on a regular basis.  Updates and new features will be communicated as they are delivered.

Visit for answers to commonly asked questions.


Update your BeAScout pin today, so future Scouting families can find your Units

BeAScout.Org is a powerful tool to help parents find your unit. But, it only works if they are able to get the right information about your Unit.  First impressions are everything, so it is important to keep your BeAScout pin up-to date. Find out how to update your BeAScout pin here.

Annual Friends of Scouting 

Scouting doesn't just happen by chance it takes a lot of volunteers who are recruited trained and supported.  Friends of Scouting pays for services to volunteers, units and youth. It also provides scholarships and maintenance of four Council camps, supplies and materials to units, and much more.  Each unit should set a date, typically in conjunction with a Cub Pack Blue and Gold Banquet or a Boy Scout Court of Honor for a Friends of Scouting presentation at your unit. Your unit Friends of Scouting presentation should take place prior to March 1, 2019 Units should also recruit a unit Friends of Scouting Chair. Please provide the date of your Friends of Scouting presentation to Amelia Dustin or call her at (701) 260-6769.

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