Spring Product Sale

The spring sale is held to help Scouts earn money to help pay for Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, Scouts BSA Summer Camp, and High Adventure trips.

New for 2020

Based on results of a survey of volunteers conducted after last year's spring sale, the Northern Lights Council will be partnering with World's Finest Chocolate in 2020.

Download the Sale Information sheet

Place an Order for your Unit

The council will be placing two orders in the spring – March and April. Deadlines for submitting unit orders:

  • March 12 before noon
  • April 9 before noon

To place an order, please follow the directions carefully:

  1. Download the order form and save it on your computer
  2. Complete the order form and then click save
  3. Then email to form to the email address provided

You will receive a confirmation email so you know the council has received your order.

When do Units Pay for the Product Received?

When the unit coordinator receives the product, they will receive an invoice. Due to the current pandemic, the council will allow additional time for units to pay for the product received.

When is the Product Received by the Unit?

The district executive for your area will contact the unit coordinator to arrange pick up of the product. Some extra product will be available for units that sell everything they received and need more. Contact Darin Steindl at (701) 499-0646 if your unit needs extra product.

Other Details

Units have until Noon on April 9 to place a final order

  • The product will be shipped to the Fargo and Bismarck offices – arriving by April 17
  • Units will then be able to pick up the product from those locations or we will arrange to get the product to the unit


Scouts Can Earn Their Way To Camp

Each bar sells for $1.00. With 60 bars per box, the total resale will be $60 with each Scout earning $15.00 for each box sold.

To attend Cub Scout Day Camp for free:

  • Sell 3-4 boxes and earn $45 to $60
  • Day Camp registration is $35 to $55

To attend Cub Scout Resident Camp for free:

  • Sell 10 boxes and earn $150
  • Resident Camp registration is $150

To attend Scouts BSA Summer Camp for free:

  • Sell 20 boxes and earn $300
  • Summer camp registration is $295



3/17/20 - Update on Spring Product Sale

We understand that with schools currently closed and people staying home, Scouts may not sell many candy bars at first. Over time, society will return to normal and sales will pick up.

Even though the council must pay the candy company for the product received within 30-days, units will be given additional time to pay the council.

The good thing about chocolate bars is that they have a fairly long shelf life. If the candy is kept in a cool location, Scouts will be able to sell the product when life returns to normal.

What Scouts can do now to sell

With people spending more time at home, they will also be spending more time on social media. We encourage Scouts to create a short video explaining that they are selling candy bars to help them go to camp. They can take orders now and deliver in the future when conditions permit. 

Parents can bring a box to work and help their Scout by selling to co-workers.

As conditions improve and people get back to their normal routines, we encourage Scouts to have a plan on how they will sell - storefronts, church, in their neighborhood, etc.

What's in the Box:

  • 18 - Caramel Bars
  • 12 - Almond Bars
  • 12 - W.F. Crisp Bars
  • 6 - Milk Chocolate Bars
  • 6 - Dark Chocolate Bars
  • 6 - Wafer Bars

Tips for a Successful Sale

  1. Recruit a coordinator to oversee your sale
  2. Educate the parents on the direct benefits to them – i.e. Scout sells X cases and earns their way to camp. Explain why this is such an important fundraiser, state goal, uses, explain the prize program, achievements that can be earned, etc.
  3. Have a big kick-off for the Scouts to get all materials and product and get everyone excited to sell! 
  4. Have a unit “Blitz Day” where every Scout in the Unit goes out selling and whoever sells the most gets a prize.
  5. The more people you ask - the more you will sell.
  6. Set-up a table at a local business to help the Scouts sell product.
  7. Not every house will buy so do not become discouraged.


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