Bricks at Camp Wilderness

“This is your opportunity to cast your name
in stone for future generations and leave an
enduring symbol of your pride in, and
commitment to, Scouting and Camp

Leave a Lasting Impression at Camp Wilderness

The Camp Wilderness courtyard serves as a welcome area and is the center of activity.

Located on the south side of the Herman Stern Dining Hall, the courtyard includes a log shelter. The shelter was built using Norway pines that were cut on the camp property.

One of the distinctive features of the courtyard is the personalized paving bricks placed throughout the courtyard. Five sizes of bricks denote giving levels. The Scout and First Class levels are made with paving bricks. The Star, Life and Eagle levels are made using granite.

By ordering one or more bricks for yourself, a family member, Troop or in recognition of a Scout leader, you will be leaving a permanent imprint on Camp Wilderness.

Friends of Scouting

The health and well being of Scouting and Camp Wilderness is based upon your financial support to the council’s operating budget. A gift to the Brick Campaign should not impact your annual Friends of Scouting gift.

Camp maintenance, camperships, insurance and many other camp related items that camp cannot operate without are paid for using your Friends of Scouting dollars. If camp is to continue to operate successfully, your continued Friends of Scouting support is needed.

Future Funding Projects

Proceeds from the brick campaign will be used to improve Camp Wilderness. The funds will be used for projects such as replacing dining hall tables, purchasing new program equipment, program area improvements and other future projects.

  Giving LevelAmountBrick Size
  Scout$ 1258″ x 4″
  First Class$ 2508″ x 8″
  Star$ 50016″ x 8″
  Life$ 1,00016″ x 16″
  Eagle$ 5,00024″ x 16″