Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting (FOS)

This is the annual giving campaign of the Northern Lights Council, Boy Scouts of America.  Through Friends of Scouting businesses, families and individuals develop tomorrow’s leaders by investing in the youth of our community.  The annual Friends of Scouting campaign provides a critical portion of the funds needed to deliver the best Scouting programs and activities!

Why Invest in Friends of Scouting?

An investment in Friends of Scouting is one way you can support your local Scouting programs.  Funds from FOS help provide a variety important resources:  premier camp properties and camping programs, training and program resources for volunteer leaders, website and online resources, staff support, Scout Shop and much more.

An investment in Friends of Scouting is an investment in Scouting’s mission and values.  Through Scouting programs  we are able to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s challenges by instilling them with character, confidence, leadership, integrity and the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

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How are Friends of Scouting Investments Put to Work for Youth?

The cost of fun, quality Scouting programs for youth goes well beyond the costs a typical family in Scouting will pay: registration fees, uniforms, summer camp, books, etc.  In the new year, the Northern Lights Council will spend an average of $250 per youth in Scouting.  How do FOS dollars help?

  • FOS helps keep summer camp programs at our Camp properties affordable.
  • Premier camp facilities & programs for year-round use.
  • Thousands of dollars awarded annually for camp scholarships.
  • Leader training for volunteer leaders and Scouts provided at no cost.
  • Annual program planning tools and resources for volunteer unit leaders.
  • Friendly staff support at the Northern Lights Council Service Centers.
  • Council website
  • Provide Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance for registered youth and adults
  • So much more!

Simply put, the Northern Lights Council and the thousands of volunteers could not deliver the Scouting program for Scouts in our communities without the funds raised through our annual FOS campaign.  Your investment makes a difference!

Thank you for investing in today’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders!

Don’t forget that many companies “match” their employee’s donation. To see an initial list of companies known to have this policy, contact the Council office or check with your human resources department for the appropriate paperwork. 

Units Can Earn Free Rank Insignia

The Northern Lights Council is pleased to offer Packs and Troops the opportunity to earn free rank insignia through March 31, of each year. Qualifying units will receive free rank insignia each time a Scout advances in rank.  This offer is made possible by the annual Friends of Scouting campaign and council product sale.  To qualify for free rank insignias a unit must meet each of the following requirements:

  • Participate in Product Sale(s) – the unit must have participated in the council sponsored Popcorn sale in the previous year and/or Spring Candy sale in the current year with a minimum of $500 in total sales.
  • Journey to Excellence – Units must have achieved at least “Bronze” level recognition in Scouting’s Journey to Excellence in the previous year. The Journey to Excellence unit scorecard must be completed, signed and submitted.
  • On-time Charter Renewal – To be considered “on-time” the charter renewal paperwork must be turned in by the announced deadlines for the district the unit is in.
  • Friends of Scouting – Unit must attain the set Friends of Scouting goal. Presentations should be held between November 1 and March 31 of each year. The minimum goal is determined by: Number of registered youths listed on charter renewal paperwork x $40

The following units have qualified to receive free rank advancements (additional units may qualify once they have attained their Friends of Scouting goal).

Sign your Unit Up for an FOS Presentation

Units that qualify for free rank insignia in 2022

DistrictUnit TypeUnit NumberFree rank expires on
Frontier TrailsPack41003/31/2023
Frontier TrailsPack41173/31/2023
Frontier TrailsPack41233/31/2023
Frontier TrailsTroop11233/31/2023
Lake AgassizPack30133/31/2023
Lake AgassizPack30343/31/2023
Lake AgassizPack31163/31/2023
Lake AgassizTroop00373/31/2023
Lake AgassizTroop00413/31/2023
Northern SkyTroop02135/1/2022
Northern SkyTroop02743/31/2023
Northern SkyTroop02763/31/2023
Prairie FirePack04963/31/2023
Prairie FireTroop03323/31/2023
Prairie FireTroop04123/31/2023
Prairie FireTroop04233/31/2023
Prairie FireTroop 04263/31/2023
Prairie FireTroop04913/31/2023
Great PlainsTroop13163/31/2023
TomahawkTroop 14163/31/2023