Popcorn Sale

2022 Popcorn Sale Timeline

June 2Grand Forks Key Leaders Briefing at 7:00 PM
June 6Bismarck Key Leaders Briefing at 7:00 PM
June 8Williston Key Leaders Briefing at 7:00 PM
June 9Minot Key Leaders Briefing at 7:00 PM
June 14Dickinson Key Leaders Briefing at 7:00 PM
June 14Fergus Falls Key Leaders Briefing at 7:00 PM
June 15Fargo Key Leaders Briefing at 7:00 PM
June 16Alexandria Key Leaders Briefing at 7:00 PM
June 21Online Key Leaders Briefing via ZOOM
August 3Popcorn Academy in Fergus Falls
August 4Popcorn Academy in Alexandria
August 8Popcorn Academy in Fargo
August 8Initial Popcorn Orders due by 11:59 PM (CDT)
August 9Popcorn Academy in Bismarck
August 11Popcorn Academy in Minot
August 13Unit Program Calendar & Budget Due for 2% extra commission
August 13Popcorn Sale Begins
August 25-26First Popcorn Distribution
September 12Popcorn Academy in Grand Forks
September 13Popcorn Academy in Williston
October 31Initial Payment Due
October 31Final Popcorn Order Due by 11:59 PM (CDT)
November 7Final Unit Invoices will be mailed (with final commission %)
November 17-18Final Popcorn Distribution
December 9Final Payment Due by 5:00 PM (CDT)
December 9A 3% Late Fee will be assessed for units that pay after December 9
December 17Top Selling Scouts will be Announced

Key Leader Briefing - ZOOM Recording

View a recording of the Key Leader Briefing done via Zoom!

2022 District Popcorn Kernel’s Contact Information

If you have questions, contact one of the people below.

DistrictDistrict KernelsPhone
02 Prairie FireJeff Korman(320) 766-1517
05 Northern SkyLisabeth Mutchler(218) 329-8680
08 Lake AgassizJasmine Hurley(218) 791-3218
10 RoughriderPaul Maloney(701) 415-2698
11 TomahawkJulie Haas(701) 240-8186
13 Frontier TrailsChris Ziegler(701) 391-6189
14 Great PlainsBrant Cartwright(701) 580-8969
Council KernelSteve Smith(701) 364-4114
Staff AdvisorDale Musgrave(701) 415-2113
Support StaffJudy Kotta(701) 293-5011

2022 Popcorn Email Archive

May 24, 2021 email

2022 Prize Programs

Trails End Rewards

Prize Descriptions available at www.trails-end.com/rewards

Prize Ordering Instructions

  • Scouts should download the app and earn points, search for prizes, and set a goal!
  • Get to the app by texting the message APP to 62771
  • Earn 1.25 points for every $1 sold online
  • Earn 1.25 points for every $1 sold with a credit/debit card in the Trail’s End app
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 sold with cash in the Trail’s End App
  •  Scouts order their prize through the Trail’s End App

Bonus Prize Programs

All bonus prizes must be ordered no later than December 9

Sell $1,000+ and join the K Club and receive a bonus prize!

Information & Tools for Unit Leaders

Some of the items below are spreadsheets that will work with Microsoft Excel or the free Google Sheets programs. You will need to download the files and save them on your computer. Then you can edit and print. If you don’t download them, they will be a “read only” file.


  • When placing initial orders – they must be full case quantities (you will be able to order partial case quantities in for the final order)
Trail’s End 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Trail’s End guarantees complete satisfaction with each purchase. If not completely satisfied the consumer will receive a replacement product of equal or greater value ground shipped to them at the company’s expense.

Trail’s End Information & Tools
  • Trail’s End Popcorn System – this is the site where Scouts and Leaders will log in to manage their popcorn sale. Credentials for Unit Kernels will be emailed after the unit signs up to participate in the popcorn sale. Unit Kernels can set up accounts for Scouts and email them their credentials or may choose to have Scouts sign up themselves.
  • Trails End general information – this link will take you to Trails End main website. They have tools and ideas for: Scouts, Scout Families and Scout Leaders

Distribution Locations

TBA – Please check with your District Popcorn Kernel to schedule a pick up time.

Units Signed up for the 2022 Sale

Use the search box to check on the status of a unit. If it is not listed, the unit has not been signed up yet.

If “Not identified yet” is listed under the Unit Popcorn Kernel column:

  • That means that one of the unit leaders signed the unit up for the sale, but that person is not the Unit Popcorn Kernel
  • The actual Unit Popcorn Kernel has not been submitted yet (we need this before we can set up the account in the Trails End popcorn system)

Coming Soon!