Spring Candy Sale

The spring sale is held to help Scouts earn money to help pay for Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, Scouts BSA Summer Camp, and High Adventure trips. The Northern Lights Council is partnering with World’s Finest Chocolate again this year!

Important Dates

2022 dates coming soon

Payment Due Dates
  • Payment for product ordered in March was due no later than April 26, 2021
  • Payment for product ordered in April was due no later than May 19, 2021
What’s in the Box:

18 – Caramel Bars

12 – Almond Bars

12 – W.F. Crisp Bars

6 – Milk Chocolate Bars

6 – Dark Chocolate Bars

6 – Wafer Bars

Scouts Can Earn Their Way To Camp

Each bar sells for $1.00. With 60 bars per box, the total resale will be $60 with each Scout earning $15.00 for each box sold.

To attend Cub Scout Day Camp for free:

  • Sell 3-4 boxes and earn $45 to $60
  • Day Camp registration is $40 to $50

To attend Cub Scout Resident Camp for free:

  • Sell 10 boxes and earn $150
  • Resident Camp registration is $150 (early bird rate)

To attend Scouts BSA Summer Camp for free:

  • Sell 20 boxes and earn $300
  • Summer camp registration is $300 (early bird rate)
Tips for a Successful Sale
  1. Recruit a coordinator to oversee your sale
  2. Educate the parents on the direct benefits to them – i.e. Scout sells X cases and earns their way to camp. Explain why this is such an important fundraiser, state goal, uses, explain the prize program, achievements that can be earned, etc.
  3. Have a big kick-off for the Scouts to get all materials and product and get everyone excited to sell! 
  4. Have a unit “Blitz Day” where every Scout in the Unit goes out selling and whoever sells the most gets a prize.
  5. The more people you ask – the more you will sell.
  6. Set-up a table at a local business to help the Scouts sell product.
  7. Not every house will buy so do not become discouraged.