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District 11 Leadership

District Chairman
District Commissioner
(805) 757-1744
District Executive
Ben Redekopp
Starting 1/2/20
Asst. Director of Field Service
(701) 223-7204


Minot Scout Office
Northern Lights Council
Boy Scouts of America
615 South Broadway
Minot, ND 58701
Phone: 701-839-2260

New District Executive Selected

It is our pleasure to announce that Benjamin Redekopp has been selected as the District Executive for Tomahawk district, effective January 2, 2020.

Benjamin’s primary responsibility will be fulfilling the mission of Scouting through volunteer engagement, membership recruitment, community and family fundraising, new unit sales, fiscal management of activity budgets and program support in the district.

Benjamin is a graduate of Minot State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing & International Studies and an associate degree in Business Management. He currently lives in Williston and will be moving to the Minot area in January.

Please welcome Benjamin to the Northern Lights Council team when you have the opportunity!

Charter Renewal

Units were emailed access codes and links to the charter renewal paperwork in late September and charter renewal packets with the same information were distributed in October and November. Unit leaders that did not received the email or packet should contact the District Commissioner, James Walker by email or at (805) 757-1744 as soon as possible.

A resource page with charter renewal instructions is available at

The completed charter renewal paperwork was due back for error checking to the District Commissioner by November 27. To be an "On-Time" unit, the completed paperwork (with no errors) needs to be in to the Bismarck office no later than December 13, 2019.

Family Friends of Scouting Presentation Scheduling

During the first few months of each year (usually Jan/Feb/Mar), we ask packs and troops to allow a Family Friends of Scouting presentation to be scheduled during the Blue and Gold Banquet, Court of Honor or other pack/troop meeting.

The district will have a presenter attend and talk to the parents for about 8-10 minutes about how the council supports the local pack. Parents are then given the opportunity to make a financial pledge to the Friends of Scouting campaign. This is not a high-pressure sales pitch.

Schedule a presentation for your pack or troop today!

Discover the Treasure - a Mystery at Heart Butte Scout Reservation 

Western Spring Camporee

May 29 to May 31, 2020

Cost $35.00 (save $5 by registering early) for Scouts BSA, Venturers & Explorers

Cost $30 (save $5 by registering early) for Webelos/Arrow of Light - Saturday Only

Wilderness First Aid Training (separate event registration) 

Schedule for May 29

All meals (except Cracker-barrel & Saturday Lunch) provided by units 

4:00 pm – 8:30 pm Check In: Medical Forms (A&B) submitted 

9:00 pm Open Campfire: Opening of Mystery 

10:00 pm Cracker-barrel with Scoutmasters & Senior Patrol Leaders 

11:00 pm Lights Out 

Schedule for May 30

6:00 am – 8:00 am Wake Up and Units make their own breakfast 

8:00 am Flag & Mystery Event 

8:30 am – 11:30 am Events & Mystery 

11:30 am – 1:00 pm Lunch (Only meal provided by the camporee) 

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Events 

4:00 pm – 7:30 pm Free time & Units make their own supper 

7:30 pm Evening Show and Awards 

Schedule for May 31

7:00 am – 9:00 am Wake Up and Units make their own breakfast  

9:00 am Chapel 

10:00 am Camp Clean Up & Check Out. You will receive your patches and your medical forms after your campsite is inspected. 

Camporee Details 

All vehicles must be parked in the designated parking area with 1 and ½ hour of arriving to camp. Troop Trailers may stay in campsite 

Garbage will be placed in the container at the Main Lodge. 

Fires are subject to fire conditions at the time of event. If there is a ban, above ground cooking on gas stoves or BBQ grills. Charcoal may be used in charcoal tables if there is a fire ban. 

All Emergencies must be reported to camp staff immediately. In case of inclement weather, camp staff will notify all scouts to come to the Main Lodge immediately. 

Events are based on a 7 person patrol including Patrol Leader 

7 Knot Relay:  Each scout will go one at a time to a judge and tie a knot, go back and tag the next scout until all 7 knots are tied correctly. This is a timed event. 

Log Disassembly: Only 1 person may cut at a time. Record the time of the group. 5 seconds added by judge for every unsafe action the patrol does during disassembly. 

First Aide – Rapid Transit: A scout has an injury. The judge will tell the patrol leader to select the injured scout. The judge informs them the injury and then the patrol must treat the injury and transport injured scout 50 feet to safety. 

Pioneering: The patrol will lash three small projects together, the judge will give the patrol the projects. This is a timed event. Five seconds will be added for every incorrect knot and incorrect lashing used. 

String Burn/Fire Starting: Objective: to as quickly as possible light a fire and burn a string suspended 18 inches above said fire. The Group will be issued 3 matches. Fires may not be raised of the ground.  Scoring: Time from signal to begin, subtract 30 seconds for each match returned unlit/unburned. 

Big Clove Hitch: Tie a Clove Hitch around the tree.  The challenge:  A 10 ft wide circle around said tree. No scouts may enter the circle.  This is a timed event. 

Orienteering Coarse: Patrol divides into 2 teams. Patrol leader to lead smaller half. Ask one team to start course without assistance from their other team. When completed a leg of course switch teams, keep switching until completed course.  Only 1 team may use electronic technology. The other team must use compass. 

Blind Tent Setup: All Scouts are given one minute to study tent materials. Then every member of the patrol except patrol leader is blindfolded. The blindfolded scouts are the only ones allowed to actually set up tent quietly. The Patrol leader may be the only one to speak. Timed event on how long it takes for them to set up said tent. Bonus points for fewer words spoken by the patrol leader 

Kinister Canister: One Scout may speak and tell other scouts what to do. You have to move ‘radioactive’ water from barrel to bucket twice. This is a timed event. 

Rifle Shooting: Scored on combined scoring of all patrol members 

Archery:  Scored on combined scoring of all patrol members

Questions? Contact Tim Bishop, Camporee Chair at (701) 570-2490

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