Cub Scout Recruitment

Your Six Steps to a Great Recruitment

1.) Schedule Sign-Up Nights

The foundation of your recruitment plan is your sign-up nights. This is where families will actually join your pack, so you’ll want to make sure they are perfect! There are 2 recruitment nights you should schedule at your school – your traditional Sign Up for Scouting Night and Promoted Parent Orientation and Sign Up


2.) Put Pack Leadership in Place

It’s important that pack leadership is in place well before your recruitment nights even take place. An organized leadership team communicates that your pack is the perfect place for new families to experience the adventure of Scouting! Before any of your recruitment nights take place, you should also host a “Back to the Pack” meeting to prepare for the upcoming year. Make sure to share the calendar and budget.  This is also a great time to host the popcorn kick-off.


3.) Set Up Your Tent

What better way to “Get Hooked on Scouting” than to go outside and set up a tent…literally! Consider setting up a tent outside of your school or in your front yard paired with our new yard signs as a way to advertise your pack’s Sign Up for Scouting Night – just think of it as a living billboard and have fun with it!


4.) Spread the Word

Our best recruiters are our families and the Scouts themselves. We’ve compiled a number of marketing best practices and resources from social media to custom videos to help you spread the word about your recruitment nights.


5.) The Recruitment Night

The big night has finally arrived and now you’re ready to welcome new families and host a fun, interactive recruitment night. An action-packed activity is a key to engaging potential Scouts. Be sure to share important information with new parents and distribute our welcome materials, an application to join, and your pack calendar. Don’t forget to get a parent interest survey from every parent.  Make sure each new family get their voucher for a new fishing pole and the flyer for the upcoming fishing day.