Scout BSA Recruitment

The best recruitment for each troop is to help nearby packs recruit. Each District has already hosted its recruitment training for the fall of 2021. To get support and materials contact your District Team.


Troop Open House Guide
Troop Recruitment Guide
Troop Recruitment Plan Worksheet
Webelos to Scout Transition Guide for Troops
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Online Application Guide For Leaders

Your Six Steps to a Great Recruitment

1.) Determine Your Strategy

Troop Open House at a unit meeting, special event or an community event. There are many opportunities to share Scouting with families. Pick what you think will work best there are several event guides prepared to help you with themes of Chess or Geo-caching.  Overnight events are NOT successful recruitment events for youth that are not currently in a Scouting program.

2.) Set a Budget

There are many recruitment resources available to help you; contact your District Staff for ideas.  However, how much are you willing to budget. Program supplies, promotion on facebook, printing and more all have some fees associated with them.

3.) Pick a Date

You will want to pick a date that is at least 30 days in the future. It can take time to get items printed or out for distribution.  It also takes time to plan and host a great event.  Once you have a date make sure to let your District Executive know. 

4.) Plan the Event
  • Choose a good venue. The place you host it says a lot about your troop.  Is it clean and new looking or old and dingy? Do not ask families to drive more than 30 minutes
  • Secure Materials. Have both program supplies and information to share with parents.
  • Show Safety. Families new to Scouting look for a program that will keep youth safe.
  • Hospitality.  Welcome people at the door. Provide drinks and food. 
  • Staff.  Make sure you have enough staff to both network with parents and to provide a great program for youth.

There are so many ways to promote your event. However, one of the most effective is personal ask.  Here are other ways to consider: Social media, School Outreach, Printed materials, mailers, church and other organizations.

6.) Have a great Event and Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Sure youth had a great time at the event, but we need to make sure they come back and join the Troop. Make sure to ask the families to join and then remind them of upcoming events.