Key Dates for 2019 Sale


25 Popcorn Sale Ends
30 Show-n-Sale payments & Final popcorn order due By 7:00 pm


14-15 Popcorn distributed to units (9 locations)

  • By appointment with District Popcorn Kernel


13 Final payment and incentive forms due

Sign up to Participate in the 2019 Sale

Unit Popcorn Kernels need to register the pack, troop, crew or post to participate in the 2019 sale and receive communication from the Northern Lights Council.

Did you miss the Popcorn Webinar for Unit Kernel's?

You can view a recording of the webinar!

Help your Scout get familiar with the Trail's End App & Online Sales

Trail's End App for Scouts (point of sale system)

Mobile app for Scouts to track and report real-time storefront, wagon and online sales, accept cash and credit cards, track inventory by Scout and storefront, and schedule Scouts for storefronts.

Benefits for units:

  • Automatically communicates and tracks sales for Scout Rewards
  • No credit card fees (paid by TE) – powered by Square.
  • Compatible with your Square readers
  • Trail’s End will provide and pay for following Square readers:
    • Units that sold $5,000 in 2018 – 1 reader.
    • Units that sold $10,000 in 2018 – 5 readers.
    • Units that more than $10,000 in 2018 - 5 readers for each $10k increment.

Benefits for Scouts:

  • Every Scout can do credit card sales (20% higher vs cash).
  • PATCH INCENTIVE for Scouts when they record first sale.
  • One Square reader for every Scout who sold $3,500+ in 2018.

If your unit will be using the Trail's End app for Scouts (point of sale system) or the Leader Portal (for sales management), we encourage you to take some time to become familiar with the features by doing some training.


Is there a right way for Scouts to sell popcorn?  Watch the video for tips!  

Top Seller Tips


Not using the Trail's End online system to keep track of your sale - that's ok! You can use the excel files below.


Excel Files for Tracking Your Popcorn Sale


Unit Master Record

Unit Order and Settlement Form


District District Kernel Phone
Flickertail Jessica Hemminger  (701) 252-5050
Oxcart Trails Ben Smith  (218) 791-7353
Lakes Carrie Braaten  (320) 35-1436
Northern Sky Sandy Meyer  (218) 230-4737
Lake Agassiz Jasmine Hurley  (218) 791-3218
Roughrider Michelle Schock  (701) 590-4374
Tomahawk Scott Beede  (701) 509-4481
Frontier Trails Justine Meidinger  (701) 220-2270
Great Plains Torrie Vader  (701) 770-8566




For technical assistance or general sale questions Darin Steindl  (218) 979-4653
For assistance with paperwork or general sale questions Terri Schultz  (701) 499-0649



If you have a popcorn related question, send it to Darin Steindl. Answers to frequently asked questions will be posted here.


Important email message from Trail's End regarding "Best By Dates" and package seals.

View the message from Trail's End


Can our unit still sign up to participate in the 2019 sale?

Yes, units can still sign up and participate in the sale. Scouts will take orders from customers and deliver the product in November. Use the "Register Today!" button to the left to sign up your unit.


When can Unit Popcorn Kernels place the initial order?

Kernels will receive an email notification about when orders can be placed online (most likely Aug 1 or 2). Kernels planning on calling in the order can call (701) 293-5011 between Aug 2-7 and place the order with Terri or Judy.


When/how do Scouts get take order forms?

Registered Scouts in units that have signed up to participate in the popcorn sale will receive an order form by mail. If the unit has not signed up to participate in the sale, the Scouts in that unit will not receive an order form by mail.

Units will receive extra order forms (if they have signed up to participate) at the Popcorn Academy in their district, the Fall Recruiting Kickoff, when they pick up popcorn inventory or at one of the Scout Service Centers.


What financial information (bank accounts, etc.) do units need to give the council to be able to use the Trail's End app and accept credit cards?

None. When a Scout uses the Trail's End app to accept a credit card payment, the funds go to Trail's End. When they receive the payment, they will credit the unit popcorn invoice for the appropriate amount - reducing the total amount that the unit needs to pay the council. The money from credit card sales will be going to Trail's End, not the unit bank account.

Trail's End Links

Trail's End System Manual - Unit Reference Guide

Trail's End App for Scouts - New!

Resources for units


Training (upcoming webinars)

Popcorn Ordering System

Trail's End website

Online Sales

Leader Portal

Technical Support


9/2 Message from Trail's End:

Weaver Fundraising, LLC (Trail’s End) is committed to protecting the privacy of all users of its website and services, including individual unit leaders, Scouts and their parents. We want to notify you of a data incident that occurred on This incident was isolated to the website and did not occur on the Trail's End App.

Recently, a web developer notified Trail’s End that he was able to view limited Scout and parent information within the network traffic that feeds the Trail’s End website.  He used web developer tools and techniques not used by typical visitors to the website. The information he may have viewed was an individual Scout’s full name, date of birth, email address, phone number, parent’s name, favorite product, and affiliation (e.g. council, district, unit). This information was not available in bulk, and no social security number (SSN) or financial account information of the Scout or parent was visible. Trail’s End quickly shut off the ability for unauthorized users to view this information, and has no reason to believe that any other unauthorized parties accessed this information.  

We apologize for this incident. We are taking steps to increase the security and monitoring of our systems and will continue to put our users first. If you have any questions, please contact us at


8/31 Message from Trail's End:

Some Samsung devices are experiencing the following error with the Square software in the Trail's End App. We apologize for the inconvenience. To resolve this issue, you'll want to clear the cache and stored data. The easiest way to do this is to delete and reinstall the Trail's End App.

Instructions on how to clear the cache

Instructions on how to clear the stored data

Privacy Policy

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