Spring Sale

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For units selling First Aid Kits, please place your order for the exact number of each type of kit using this form by May 1, 2023!

2 Ways to Earn Your Way 2 Camp!

New for 2023, there are now 2 options for units to earn money for summer camp or for their unit funds. Scouts can either choose to sell candy bars through World’s Finest Chocolate or sell first aid kits through Right Response (or both)!

NEW FOR 2023!

First Aid Kits

Ready Response

Since 2010, Right Response Fundraising has been sold by schools, Scouts, sports teams, and clubs in all 50 states and now in the Northern Lights Council. Kits range in price from $16 to $120. Units will receive 30% commission on each kit sold.

Chocolate Bars

World’s Finest Chocolate

Since 1939, World’s Finest Chocolate has crafted premium chocolate directly from the cocoa bean. By using only the finest raw ingredients and a unique family recipe, they ensure that every piece will satisfy your chocolate cravings. All chocolate bars are $1. The unit will collect 25% commission.

Tips for a Successful Sale
  1. Recruit a coordinator to oversee your sale.
  2. Educate the parents on the direct benefits to them – i.e. Scout sells X cases/kits and earns their way to camp. Explain why this is such an important fundraiser, state goal, uses, explain the prize program, achievements that can be earned, etc.
  3. Have a big kick-off for the Scouts to get all materials and product and get everyone excited to sell! 
  4. Have a unit “Blitz Day” where every Scout in the Unit goes out selling and whoever sells the most gets a prize.
  5. The more people you ask – the more you will sell.
  6. Set-up a table at a local business to help the Scouts sell product.
  7. Not every house will buy so do not become discouraged.